Week 25 Preview

Sorry for the late previews, but it has been a tough week! I will try and get this up by Wednesday every week from now on.

This is “Mirror Universe” week it seems and there are a TON of great costumes from these episodes from DS9 and Enterprise. Also good regular costumes from DS9 and Voyager.

The Travis Mayweather EV suit is the top item right now, and already the second highest item so far (we are told the Vulcan Medical print that hit $ 20,000 wasn’t a real bid). It was shown in “In a Mirror, Darkly, Part I” and “Part II”, during the initial scenes on the Defiant. At $ 7,749, this could hit $ 10,000 easily. The Spock Space Suit went for $ 10,100 and is the high item to date. The Phlox Space Suit like this didn’t hit reserve at $ 5,600 in the first month of the auction, but was sold privately by IAW to the high bidder. Rumor has it was sold in the $ 8-9,000 range, as at Christie’s, the 4 of these that sold, all went in the $ 8,000-8,500 range.

The T’Pol, NX-09 Avenger two piece costume is the second highest item at $ 3,716. I love this costume, and would love to bid on it, but I am trying to be careful with my financial resources! This will easily hit $ 5,000. It is quite beautiful, but the shoulder boards are wrong. Look at teh screen caps. I guess they are a bonus. It is missing the belt though.

The Mirror Universe Klingon Costume is nice, though not much different from other Klingon costumes. Only the left chest badge differentiates it is already significantly higher than the average of about $ 1,900 for these.

The Gul Elim Garak is nice and this shows you how much a name tag can change the value of the item. These costumes have gone in the $ 1,200-2,100 range, and this one will certainly top $ 3,00 since Garak is such a popular character.

The Terran Empire MACO complete outfit is nice and the Mirror companion to the MACO with Assault kit we saw two weeks ago. That one went for $ 2,950, and I assume this one will go about the same. Check out the photos. There are lots of cool pieces here.

The two piece Terran Empire female costume has jumped the last day to $ 1,481. I think this will be a hot one. Let’s face it, this is a sexy costume and if you can’t afford the T’Pol. this is a nice one. Like the T’Pol, it is missing the belt.

The Terran Empire Fleet Admiral Gardner is nice. Now I never really liked these. I mean in 200 years I hope we still aren’t wearing ties! And on a Starfleet uniform? Who thought of that? This one is cool because of all the Terran Empire extras, but a bit baggy. Still cool.

The Sirella costume is amazing. The detailing on this is unlike any other Klingon Costume I have seen. This one could hit $ 3,000 and would be wel worth it. It will display great!

The Hoshi Sato “Captian’s Woman” costume is basically lingerie! But hey, who am I to argue with buying lingerie? I hope you just have a girlfriend who can fit it in, because if you are a guy I don’t want too much information here!

The Mirror universe Dr. Phlox is not the main one he wore through most of the “In a Mirror Darkly” episodes. He did wear it at the end of Part II though. It is at $ 810 now and will probably go around $ 1,500.

There are three Terran Empire costumes. An Engineering red Enterprise, A blue Scieneces Avenger, and an Engineering Red Avenger. They have been going in the $ 1,200-1,500 range and are well worth it! It will be interesting to see how these do when there are three available.

The B’ellana Torres Maquis Pilot Costume is amazing. I love the fabrics and the boots are killer. This is a great and important costume to the series, and was used a number of times (Sign on to the Forum to get all the details!). This is a $ 2,000 costume and anything less is a good deal.

The Harry Kim, Garrett Wang jacket is nice, but a bit problematic. The jacket doesn’t say Garret Wang in it, but IAW did say they found this in the Garret Wang section of the costumes. The COA will be critical here, so don’t ever lose it!

There are two complete, distressed Starship Defiant costumes used in both Trials and Tribulations in DS9 and then in “In a Mirror Darkly” here and here. They are cool in that they are complete. I think we will see more like this.

The Torres Starfleet away mission costume has boots and I really like this one. The stunt one was on previously. These are really nice looking and will display very well.


I will be adding this section either in with the preview, or by itself. Jorg and his crew at the
new Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Forums all work the correctly identify props and costumes after they are listed on eBay by IAW each week. We have a whole thread just on correcting the listings and it is great information. Thanks to all who contribute!

The Vorta Yegrun costume is supposed to be worn by Iggy Pop in “The Magnificent Ferengi” but it doesn’t match up. Here is the costume that he did wear. So maybe this was supposed to be used but never made it to the screen? This costume was worn by a Vorta at the Peace Treaty signing in “What You Leave Behind”, but that’s it.

The Ferengi Ishka Moogie coat was never worn by Ishka, but it was worn by Quark in “Ferengi love songs” when he returns to Ferenginar to visit his mum. It’s a Ferengi raincoat only worn by Quark in this episode and by nobody else. Our resident expert Jorg checked every Ishka episode to verify this. While it does have Cecily Adams tags, it wasn’t in fact used by her.

Also The Tuvok Civilian Costume is in fact his Maquis costume from “Caretaker”. This is the companion piece to the B’Ellanna Torres we mentioned before.

As far as props go:

There aren’t many great props this week.

The Original Series Style-Computer Console is pretty cool. We have seen this in many TOS episodes and it will look great on someone’s desk. Check out the detailing! Already at $ 1,225, this could easily top $ 2,000.

The USS Valiant Master Systems Display is nice, and already at $ 1,025, this one is getting a lot of interest. I really don’t think it is amazing, but 6 bidders do! It is from the Defiant class USS Valiant from the DS9 episode of that name.

The Nemesis Type 3 Phaser Rifle is going low it seems. I paid $ 2,000 for my resin version in Burbank and and the last resin one on eBay from IAW went for $ 2,300. However this one is rubber, and so should go around $ 1,200 I think.

The Voyager Janeway Ready Room statue is an interesting piece. It definitely was seen in Janeway’s ready room and actually looks like a real statue, so could serve a dual purpose!

The “Wish List” Light up PADD is a nice item. I had heard light up PADDs were rare, but IAW seems to have a bunch. They have been going around $ 1,200-1,500 and I see this one in that range.

The Enterprise Tri-Monitor Housing is pretty cool in that this is a pretty iconic piece, even if it is from Enterprise for “In a Mirror Darkly”. You need to ad monitors, as this is just the housing, but well worth a try! I would love one on my desk!

The Terran Empire Knife is a beauty. It si real metal with a wood handle, which is rare on props. Usually they are rubber. At only $ 360, this could hit $ 1,000 and be worth it!

The Original Series Style Phaser was most likely shown in “In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II”, where it is shown a number of times. Remember, this is an art asylum toy that most of us already own! At $ 355 I think it is going to go around $ 600. I just couldn’t pay that for a toy I already owned to say I had a screen used one!

Finally, there are a number of Voyager Astrometric Background Panels here, here, here, here and my favorite, the Eagle Nebula one here. They are all different prices, but will look great I am sure and are a good deal at anything under $ 300.

Check out the new Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Forums. We have some great posters and there is TONS of extra information on each weeks auctions as our members do lots more research on each week’s items that the IAW staff can.

Good hunting!


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