Week 26

Well, 6 months of auctions are history and we all should give ourselves a big round of applause for not going bankrupt! I need a breakl!

This was a strong week with IAW doing $ 141,424 in sales. The strength comes from a very strong week for Star Trek: The Motion Picture costumes, which filled 3 of the top 5 sales spots.

The T’Pol jumpsuit went for an astonishing $ 9,978. Two bidders ot in a bidding war early, and the top bid was reached before the auctions started ending, so the winner simply outlasted the underbidder. Seems like a lot for a costume of T’Pol, though it was really nice. This makes the costume the second highest costume behind the Spock Space Suit, which went for $ 10,100.

The Spock class D uniform went high, going for $ 7,810. A month ago, one of these went for $ 6,100. The costume,from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, certainly is recognizable and unique because of the Mandarin collar.

The Admiral Kirk Class A went for a shocking $ 7,767. While it did have the bio-monitor buckle, it had no Starfleet insignia. With the bottoms so frayed I am surprised this costume went so high, but it is a Kirk.

As pointed out previously, the Admiral Cartwright costume did not have the right jacket. Yet someone still thought it worth $ 7,600! That is an insane amount for a marron that is not from one of the main characters.

The McCoy Class B shirt at $ 4,117 was another shocker. McCoy didn’t wear this in Star Trek: TMP and so for this to go so high makes no sense. But Motion Picture costumes went high this past week, and this was much higher than it should have.

The Ornate Vulcan Robe was another crazy one. $ 3,050 for a costume of no special significance! This one shocked me when I saw what it went for. I don’t get it.

A background Class A Starfleet uniform went for $ 2,550. No clue why, as this isn’t a character costume and we have seen a bunch of these. Not a good deal, though a good costume with attached boots, and all the pieces. Another tan version went for $ 2,025.

The Captain Archer desert uniform went for a reasonable $ 2,415. I think this was a great deal. A Captain’s costume, with the jacket and rank pips. And this is one that will look great on display.

The Sulu Commando uniform sold for $ 2,238. This was a good price as this costume has the rare boots, that only one other of these has had. This makes this a pretty good costume. I own the other one of these sold with boots, the Uhura, and it looks great on display.

The Captain Kirk Rura Penthe costume went at a very reasonable $ 1.954. This had the stunt version too and has a lot of parts. Being it wasn’t a uniform, it went fairly reasonably. And if you like Star Trek VI, it will make a good display.

The Travis Mayweather costume went for a very reasonable $ 1,781. Since the last one went at a ridiculous $ 4,606, this was a good deal.

I liked the Collared Class A Starfleet Uniform as it went for a reasonable $ 1,700, is complete and will look great on display!

I won the Admiral Janeway stunt costume from “End Game” at a very reasonable $ 1,675. I love this style of uniform and the fact that it is a stunt costume doesn’t bother me. It will look just as good on display and came with and admiral’s rank and comm badge.

The USS Relativity costume went for $ 1,675 as well, which was less than the $ 2,027 the last one went for. These are really amazing and beautiful costumes. I want one, but am waiting to see if teh Captain Braxton comes up.

The White Radiological Suit went high at $ 1,625, considering it was distressed. None the less, these are beautiful costumes.

Enterprise jumpsuits continue to go for $ 900 – 1,100 and this is a good deal. These are beautiful costumes and would look good in any collection.

There were so many good costumes this past week, and I can’t review them all. If you want more information, please check out the Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Forum, where you can get insights from lots of collectors on a whole lot more than what I discuss here.

As far as props go:

The Enterprise console was a beauty. It went for a strong $ 3,045 to my friend Jason. I loved this piece and I hope to get one like it in the future.

The Voyager Starfleet Compression Rifle went for $ 2,184, which was a good deal considering I bought one for $ 2,957 a few weeks ago. Of course mine had an attached strap! 🙂

I did win the Starfleet Type III, Mark II Phaser Rifle which I needed to help complete my Phaser rifle collection. I paid $ 2,125 while one like this sold last month for $ 2,600. Now where are those DS9 style ones?????

The Smashed Enterprise D model was the one that Picard broke in “First Contact”. At $ 1,804 it went at a pretty good price for such a pivotal prop.

The iconic Starship Defiant Original Series Style Chair went for a strong $ 1,725. What a cool prop and who doesn’t recognize it? I bet there will be more based on how many were used in “Trials and Tribulations” and “In a Mirror Darkly”.

The Spock mindmeld model piece at $ 1,703 was a puzzle. Not very interesting, though recognizable. I guess someone really liked Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

The Klingon Console went for $ 1,525, which is quite reasonable. The shipping on this will probably be about $ 750, and I think fear of this is what is keeping people from bidding on these. But these are way cool, and I am sure IAW has a bunch more (and they need the space in their warehouse!).

The Klingon Electronic Device was actually a Bajoran Tricorder, as seen in such episodes as “Indiscretion” and “Return to grace”. It went for $ 1,381.

T’Pol’s Courtyard Vulcan Stands went for $ 1,240. I don’t know, but these aren’t very interesting in my book. But I guess having Vulcan items in your house or garden is cool.

The Klingon head mask went for $ 1,225. Six of these have sold in the past for between $ 577 – $ 1,526. These are from Star Trek VI when they needed a bunch of Klingons for the courtroom scene. They will look great of you have a Klingon costume.

The Orbital Office Complex model went for $ 1,204. Again, not sure how appealing this one is. Basically a big box! But at least it wasn’t too expensive.

The Reman Rifle had two working lights and thus at $ 1,125 was a good deal.

Finally, the Star Trek: Enterprise Orpheus Mining Colony LCARS display never got above the $ 1,025 it was at late in the week, which was good, because I didn’t think it was worth much more.


Best Costume of the Week:The T’Pol jumpsuit was expensive, but gorgeous.

Best Prop of the Week: The Enterprise console was a true beauty!

Best Buy of the week: Dr. Phlox Away Team Medical Kit was a LOT of prop for only $ 1,010!

Worst Buy of the week: The Admiral Cartwright costume was way overpriced at $ 7,600 considering the jacket was wrong.

Sleeper of the Week: The Class A Starfleet uniform from Star Trek: TMP at $ 810. A Very rare maroon version, I think this is not only beautiful, but unique.


Star Trek: Enterprise
T’Pol jumpsuit $ 9,978

Star Trek: TMP The Spock class D uniform $ 7,810

Star Trek: TMP Admiral Kirk Class A $ 7,767

Star Trek: IV Admiral Cartwright costume $ 7,600

Star Trek: TMP McCoy Class B shirt $ 4,117

Thanks to Aaron Carlson for the data! And make sure you check out the new Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Forums, the best way to make sure you get the best info on the IAW auctions!


4 Replies to “It’s a Wrap eBay auctions – Week 26 Results”

  1. The Admiral Kirk Class A…Guess someone paid alot for a costume that was not worn in the film by Shatner. This piece obviously was a test of some sort. The fact that it was dyed is only one clue of many. The Class A Shatner wore in STTMP was in fact the same color of grey as the others. Not this dark grey it was dyed to. A lot to pay for just a tag reading William Shatner which he very likley did not wear.

    The Cartwright Lot…maybe not such a bad buy here as you say. The Fleet Admiral ribbons and medals alone went for thousands at Christies. Throw in every thing that was Brock Peters, aside from the Jacket, that may not have been his, but could have had the gold trim removed for Generations, and it may not be a bad buy. If the buyer could find the right gold trim to apply to the Jacket…well a Maroon Fleet Admiral Uniform from the Classic series films would be on heck of a display IMO.

    I agree Spock Class D went high…really high when you think that all you see when he wears this costume is the pants…the color too,I guess. But the Filed Duty Jacket covers most of it.

    The T’Pol going for almost 10 grand IMO is the most insane yet.
    Guess everyone has there absolute must haves!


  2. Re: the dyed kirk uniform. Remember how the costumers for ST II spent some time test dying TMP uniforms various colours to see what shades would take the most successfully?

    The winning colour was maroon, of course, and numerous TMP jumpsuits were then dyed maroon to become the cadet and enlisted costumes for ST II and beyond. My guess is that the Kirk-dyed-dark-gray costume, and perhaps the Franklyn Seales bright orange uniform top, may be the result of those dyeing experiments.

  3. The Klingon prop used in Enterprise that was previously a Bajoran tricorder is in fact a converted Playmates toy. The little blue light on the top front is the giveaway.

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