Congratulations! You have all made it to the second six months of IAW Star Trek auctions! Well, I know my other hobbies have taken a back seat or are getting trimmed so I have more cash for these auctions, which are totally addicting. Every week I want more and more!

But my focus is shifting to props, and this is the perfect week for it. We have never seen so many good props in one week. Honestly, there are a ton! Now one thing to note is who low the prices are right now. That doesn’t mean anything, as people are bidding later and later on items, many in the last minute. (Except for the guys going after the T’Pols!). But there are still great bargains to be had.

This morning I am going to talk about props and tonight I will discuss the costumes.


The Enterprise Neutron Microscope is an awesome prop and currently only at $ 310. This should go over $ 1,500 and will look amazing on display. Look at the details on this!

The Enterprise Medical Supplies case may well be the best prop available this week. The different components of this prop make it incredibly cool and desirable for its variety. At $ 910 at the moment, this is easily a $ 2,000 prop and will probably go around $ 2,500.

The Dr. Phlox Hand Scanners and case is similar. It has two of the very cool hand scanners, one of which is a light up hero version, the other being a rubber version. This is almost a companion piece to the medical case. At $ 368 now, this is another hot item that could hit $ 2,000. Certainly a $ 1,500 item.

The USS Defiant Phaser Array Power Cell is a great prop from a good episode of DS9. It is already at $ 1,000 and could go for double that. I have to admit I wanted this, but I think this is too high already, and after looking at the Screen Caps I saw there were 7 of these and they all look pretty much alike. So I am probably going to wait, as this isn’t worth $ 2,000.

The NX-01 Computer Interface Panels are two panels from Enterprise. These seem to be popular and this is already at $ 1,026. I am at a loss as to why this would be going for 3x what the Phlox hand scanners are at. I just don’t think the prop justifies that expense.

The Enterprise NX-01 button and Comm panels are a better lot I think because it has the very recognizable Comm panel. I want one of these to put up on my wall! This lot has a nice selection.

The Enterprise Communicator is an Art Asylum version, but comes with a cool holster. At $ 512 now, this should be in the $ 1,200-1,300 range. The the scarcity of the original props makes this more attractive. But only the holster redeems this and makes it more than just a toy!

The Starfleet Engineering Cart is amazing! It is big and has great panels on all sides. This would look greta in a game room or such. At $ 461 now, the thing that will hurt this is how much the shipping will be.

The Klingon Emblem is sweet! It was featured prominently behind Gowron in the last scene of teh DS9 episode “Broken link”. Anything Klingon does well it seems. At $ 455 now, this can easily top $ 1,000.

The Enterprise Security lock from Daniels quarters is a nice piece. I would love to see this in person. At $ 355, this should go in the $ 900 range. It looks heavy and would look great on display. Captain Archer’s Spaceship Model is recognizable and there have been at least two of these sold already. One at Christie’s and one through Profiles in History. This one has only one nacelle, hurting its value. Currently at $ 320, this should also go in the $ 900 range I think.

The Klingon Chair isnt. Mis-labled by IAW, this is Nimira’s chair from the VOY episode “Random thoughts”, and she’s a Mari and not a Klingon female.


The Enterprise Engineering PADD is pretty standard and there are a bunch of these. At $ 785, this will go in the $ 1,300-1,500 range. Thsi will be the most comon PADD as this was from the most recent series and there are a bunch of these used in the show.

Shran’s Andorian PADD is at $ 676, but will go in the same $ 1,300-1,500 range. It is only used in one scene, but I just saw this episode and it is pretty cool because the face is visible.

The Enterprise Hand Sized Security PADD is like one that previously sold for $ 1,132 a few weeks ago. In a week with so many props, this might go under $ 1,000. It is at $ 395 now.

The Enterprise Vulcan PADD is nice in that we haven’t seen one like this before. It is only at $ 202 right now and like the above PADD, could go cheap. This was formerly a Bajoran PADD (I guess it got tired of the religous mubo-jumbo and switched to the side of logic!).

The Enterprise Orion PADD is only at $ 128 and should go at a reasonable price. It isn’t quite as nice as the others, but should go for $ 500-600 I think. There is another that is currently at $ 87, and that could well be a steal. I think collectors should look here for good deals.


The Mark II Type 3 Phaser rifle is one I own. I love these and I highly recommend this! Two previous ones have sold for $ 2,370 and $ 2,325 (both resin). The last one sold was rubber and went for $ 815, another going for $ 1,600. So, there are a bunch of these, and I suggest if you want one, you go for this. Currently at $ 646, this will probably go in the $ 1,500 -1,700 range as collectors are getting their needs met and this will start coming down.

The Klingon Hand Pistol is a beauty and is at $ 465 right now and should hit $ 1,200. While rubber, this is a beauty. And has been pointed out to me by many people, the rubber on Enterprise props was very dense, and won’t bend easily and thus will not crack in ways that previous rubber props will. I highly recommend this one. Great detailing.

At $ 391, the Vulcan Energy Pistol is reasonable and will probably go in the $600-800 range. A previous one went for $ 830, so this should go for less than that. It has also been used as a Hirogen pistol as well as by a couple of alien races.

The Enterprise Phase Pistol is an Art Asylum version with a regular holster. It is at $ 307. The last one like this went for $ 1,025. The other versions have been foam rubber, which you really don’t want as they are very soft and will not age well. The stiff rubber versions are rare, as the mold broke early on (it was a complex mold because of teh shape) and that is when they moved to the Art Asylum versions.

The Mazarite Energy Pistol and Holster is at $ 305 and has the chance of being a good deal. Not a well known weapon, it could go for $ 600 or so.

The Andorian Ushaan-Tor is from the scene where Archer fights Shran in an honor fight. It is rubber, but At $ 222 has the potential to be a great deal. A very cool prop, I like this anywhere under $ 500.

The Marauders Energy Carbine is a rubber version. It is pretty cool looking and used in many episodes for different alien races. The last one of these went for a cheap $ 405, so look here for a potential great deal. It is currently at only $ 111.


I really like Soval’s Scanner/Communicator. It has a little damage, but is very cool looking and will display very well. It is only at $ 113 right now, and you can probably get this under $ 1,000. In a week loaded with props, this could slip through the cracks.

Valdore’s Romulan Communicator is pretty boring looking. What was with the prop and wardrobe departments in this episode? I mean they reused Nemesis style Romulan and Reman costumes from Nemesis when this takes place 300 years before it! Can’t they create new stuff that is cool? UGH. At $ 127.50, it will go cheap, and so check this out.

The Enterprise Hand Scanner is pretty hefty and doesn’t look like rubber. This may get past people and is only at $ 138 right now. I think this would look great on display, and hopefully will hold up well.

I will preview the costumes next post.

Good luck all and happy hunting!


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