Week 27

Well, last week was in fact the week of props. We haven’t seen a week with so many props before. But there were still a few good costumes. The Enterprise T’Pol costume from “A Night in Sickbay” hit $ 4,050, which is cheap considering where T’Pol’s have been going. This was definitely a second Tier T’Pol costume, and it still went for what any other character’s primary costume would go for. Interestingly, the costume was won by eBay bidder
maharanidivawho won last week’s top selling T’Pol costume which went for $ 9,978.

The Captain Sisko Starfleet Uniform commando style uniform went for $ 3,650, which was less than the $ 3,100 it went for previously. I was surprised how cheap this went, and for a Captain’s costume, a great deal.

The Enterprise Sub Commander T’Pol civilian costume went for $ 2,550. Well, at least if you want a T’Pol, you can get one at a reasonable price.

Lt. Reed’s Starfleet Uniform wnt for $ 1,681 which was exactly where I predicted it would go. Over time we have seen main character’s uniforms go in the $ 1,500-1,800 range pretty regularly.

The Klingon Chancellor costume from Enterprise hit a respectable $ 1,422! Which makes it the 5th highest costume, which is no surprise in a weak selection of costumes.

Now the Garak Cardassian costume was an absolute steal at $ 1,275, and my good friend Jim Williams won it. Considering where past Garak’s have gone, this one was a great deal. It isn’t my favorite Garak costume, but it is still nice and a reasonable price.

The Orion Slave Girl costume at $ 1,264 was an interesting buy. I never know how these costumes would be displayed. But what is more Iconic than green women?

The Crewman Elizabeth Cutler is a fourth season costume, which is curious as Cutler wasn’t in the fourth season (actress Kellie Waymire passed away before the season). None the less, it is a beautiful costume and at $ 1,180, was a good deal.

The Bashir Sciences Starfleet Uniform at $ 1,075 was a fair deal. I liked this costume because of the distressing. With the black and gray style being so popular I think this will be a great addition to someone’s collection.

The Major Kira Bajoran Uniform from “The Way of the Warrior” was distressed for when Kira gets stabbed. I really liked this one, and at $ 1,037 was very good deal. Like the Garak’s (but not to the same extent), Kira’s go high, so this was a good deal.

On to the props!

Top prop of the week was also the most expensive item of the week. The Star Trek: Enterprise Kir’ Shara Stunt Statue and Bag saw a lot of action before ending at an incredible $ 9,100. Even at Christie’s the same statue (not broken as this one is) went for only $ 6,000! This was also won by eBay buyer maharanidiva, who won the top priced T’Pol costume the past two weeks.

The Enterprise Medical Supplies case went strong at $ 3,152. It had a lot of nice props in it, and that is why this item went so high. It was beautiful and so I think worth the money.

The Starfleet Engineering Cart at $ 2,939 was interesting. All week long people were calling this the shopping cart. It’s pretty cool and unique. It will make a great centerpiece to a game room. Of course the shipping will be killer on this.

I bid strong on
Shran’s Andorian PADD but got blown out of the water at $ 2,425. We haven’t seen a PADD go this high before, and I just couldn’t justify this price for a PADD. It is very cool though and I am sure it got a good home.

The Enterprise Engineering PADD went crazy high at $ 2,275. I don’t get this, as there are a bunch of these props available as this was the most common PADD in all the series. It was used extensively in Enterprise and there are a few scenes where there are a bunch of them lying around. Now, these did go high at Christie’s, so this might be the reason for this, but I still think this went high.

The Enterprise NX-01 button and Comm panels did very well at $ 2,076, as Enterprise set dressing continues to go high. At least this one had the very recognizable Comm panel.

The NX-01 Computer Interface Panels went for $ 2,036. Not crazy about these and I think eventually this set dressing will come down as there is so much of it.

I own one a Mark II Type 3 Phaser rifle and I paid $ 2,000 for it, so this one at $ 2,026. The two previous ones have sold for $ 2,370 and $ 2,325 (both resin). This one went higher than I thought, and I think again this is due to new bidders coming in to these auctions.

The Klingon Hand Pistol was beautiful and had a holster, but went very high at $ 2,025 as the previous high was $ 1,150. New bidders again I think.

The Universal Translator went for $ 1,913, which was $ 300 more than the last one that sold for. I bid on this, but didn’t expect it to go this high. None the less, a very cool prop.

The Klingon Bat’Leth went high at $ 1,784. While one did hit $ 1,500, these have been going in the $ 1,000 range. They are very cool though as well as iconic and will display great.

The Enterprise Security lock from Daniels quarters went for $ 1,614. A well built prop that looks amazing, I think this was a great deal.

The Dr. Phlox Hand Scanners and case at $ 1,714 was another great deal for a beautiful prop. This had two of the very cool medical scanners, one of which was a light up hero version, the other a rubber version.

The USS Defiant Phaser Array Power Cell from the DS9 episode “Behind the Lines” was a great prop. At $ 1,580 I was outbid, but I didn’t want to drive the price up as there were 7 of these in the episode. It is a beautiful prop.

The Enterprise Communicator at $ 1,525 was high as this was an Art Asylum version, but came with a holster. I know one of my good friends bid on this, and he is a great and sharp collector and he let it go, so I think my evaluation of this going too high is right.


Best Costume of the Week: The Captain Sisko Starfleet Uniform was clearly the nicest costume this week.

Best Prop of the Week: The Enterprise Medical Supplies case was really beautiful.

Best Buy of the week: The Garak Cardassian costume at $ 1,275 was a super deal.

Worst Buy of the week: The Enterprise Kir’ Shara Stunt Statue and Bag was also WAY overpriced.

Sleeper of the Week: The Neutron Microscope at $ 1,025 was a great deal on an amazing prop.


Star Trek: Enterprise Kir’ Shara Stunt Statue and Bag
$ 9,100

Star Trek: Enterprise Enterprise T’Pol costume$ 4.050

Star Trek: Enterprise The Enterprise Medical Supplies case $ 3,152

Star Trek: TNG Starfleet Engineering Cart $ 2,939

Star Trek: DS9 Captain Sisko Starfleet Uniform $ 2,650

Thanks to Aaron Carlson for the data! And make sure you check out the new Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Forums, the best way to make sure you get the best info on the IAW auctions!


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