Week 28

Last week wasn’t a bad week for IAW as they sold over $ 120,000 worth of items. It was a heavy costume week, though two props, the Borg Alcove and the Enterprise E Console, both were in the top 5 price-wise.

The top item of the week was the Chakotay EV Suit, which I am happy to say I won! This had been on my top ten costumes list as I knew both the Picard and Worf ones had sold at Christies. I figured that the Lt. Hawke was still around, which this may have been, though it is tagged with use by Chakotay. IAW actually said in the description that this was the best of the remaining ones available, which is a great bit of information. It tells us they have more, though not as good as this one, which lets bidders either wait, since this one was expensive, or go after this one as was the case with me, because I wanted the best they had left. I paid $ 8,607, which is more than the Enterprise Mayweather suit that sold three weeks ago. I actually prefer that style, but didn’t have the guts to step to the plate at that time. Long story on what happened to that costume this week (and it’s not good!).

I really want to thank IAW for adding this type of info, which they have done a few times lately and Colin from IAW says this will happen more and more as IAW tries to do their best to serve the bidders.

The Lt. Commander Data Uniform hit a remarkable $ 5,105! That is Captain’s territory and so a bunch of us were very surprised it went so high. None the less,Data is a beloved character and the new bidders drove this one up. This is the first item this bidder has won.

The General Chang costume was wonderful. This was on so many people’s Holy Grail list on the Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Forum that it was kind of funny when it popped up this past week. The reason this didn’t go higher than the $ 3,600 it did go for was it was rather incomplete, and m ore so than your typical Klingon outfit. It had no boots, no bandoleer and the emblem from the neck piece was missing. Now, that is not to say this isn’t very cool. If it had been complete, I would have gone over $ 10,000 for it. But I am a completest and like to have a costume the way it was seen onscreen. That being said, this was a VERY good deal!

The Captain Picard Away Team costume went high I thought at $ 3,061. Yes, it was from First Contact, but you usually don’t see civilian wear going this high. Ironically, this was the first costume this bidder has won in these auctions, his other 8 wins coming from props. This is a memorable costume though, and I know my good friend Giles lost out on this. Chin up mate!

The “Monster Maroon” USS Saratoga Madge Sinclair costume went for a predictable $ 3,051. This is right where these have been going in the past, so a decent buy. This one actually was the one that Kate Mulgrew was wearing in “Flashback” (It fit SO poorly in that episode!) so it has added meaning. I actually own the shirt that Kate wore in that episode with this jacket, as it was Nichelle Nichols shirt in ST V and I got it when I won the Uhuru Field Duty Uniform early in these auctions. When I looked in the shirt after I got it, it had both Nichols and Mulgrew tags.

Chakotay’s Starfleet Uniform went for a strong $ 2,888. The last one went for $ 2,075. It is more than I thought it would go for, but not out of reason.

The White Radiological Engineering Trainee was the first such complete uniform coming with the rare boots. Because of this, it went strong at $ 2,850. But I think this was worth it as this is a really popular costume and this one just had everything, even though it wasn’t all attached.

The Tom Paris Klingon costume is a beauty as it was a movie version made for Star Trek VI. It went for $ 2,825 which shows the implied value of the use by Paris. A shame it had no boots.

The Reman Warrior costume went for $ 2,416, which is higher than it has gone for before. They previously have sold for $ 1,930, $ 2,125 and I bought one for $ 2,000 at the Burbank Convention. Let me tell you they are worth every penny. These are simply the most amazing costumes I have ever seen. If another comes up, look seriously at it!

Spock’s Camping Outfit went for $ 2,139, which I think is pretty good. The previous one went for $ 3,405 and so this buyer did well. And of course this is a very recognizable costume.

The Deanna Troi costume went at $ 2,129, which I think is a fair price. I was so happy when she finally stopped wearing those awful costumes and put on a uniform!

On to the props!

My good buddy grant got outbid on the Enterprise E Bridge Console. This was Riker’s console and so pretty cool. Not as cool as one of the main Navigation/Helm consoles though, and I thought, at $ 4,550, a bit steep. That is a lot of money, though the prop is indeed very desirable.

The Borg Alcove at $ 3,939 was an impressive piece. Who wouldn’t want a Borg Alcove? IAW was unsure if this was made for an exhibition or for screen use, and I have tried to screen match it and can’t make a call on it. Either way, it is very cool and bound to look impressive in someone’s home.

The Starfleet Wrist Flashlight went for $ 1,281, which was more than the $ 860 the last one went for. Still, a cool prop.

The United Federation of Planets Table went for a reasonable $ 1,280. It is the type of furniture prop that will actually be functional.

My buddy Jason won the Wesley Crusher Future Comm Badge at $ 1,050 to go with the other Wesley Comm badges he won at Christies. That is a lot for a Comm Badge, but when you can attribute it to a specific character, and it completes your collection, you are willing to pay more.

The Voyager Time Travel Device wasn’t a particularly impressive prop, and I think the $ 880 price shows that.

The Voyager LCARS style panel is cool, but unexceptional. It went for only $ 812, probably because it wasn’t a great graphic, and just buttons.

Overall, one of the poorest weeks for props!


Best Costume of the Week: Yeah, I am giving myself the award this week! The Chakotay EV Suit, was clearly the nicest costume this week. A complete Chang could have easily won this, but incomplete it simply wasn’t.

Best Prop of the Week: The Borg Alcove at $ 3,939 was awesome!

Best Buy of the week: The McCoy Field Duty Uniform was a steal at $ 1,662.

Worst Buy of the week: I really don’t think there were any bad buys this week. I think the Data and the Enterprise E console went high, but not bad enough to be worst deal material.

Sleeper of the Week: The B’ellana Torres Starfleet Dress uniform at only $ 1,225 was a GREAT deal and slipped by everyone.


Star Trek: Voyager
Chakotay EV Suit, $ 8,607

Star Trek: TNG Lt. Commander Data costume $ 5,105

Star Trek: Nemesis Enterprise E Bridge Console $ 4,550

Star Trek: The Borg Alcove $ 3,939

Star Trek: VI General Chang costume at $ 3,600

Thanks to Aaron Carlson for the data! And make sure you check out the Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Forums, the best way to make sure you get the best info on the IAW auctions!


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