Well, here we are in week 29, which I think is a pretty average week. Good on props, but weak on great costumes.

The Archer Starfleet Uniform is the top costume in a weak selection. It is distressed, but in pretty good shape. A previous one went for $ 2,055 in week 4. Now, things have changed since that time, so I have no clue where this one will go. It is currently at $ 1,363.

The Tucker Arid Climate Uniform is one we have seen before, most notably an Archer a couple weeks ago that went for $ 2,414. So this one could go around $ 2,000. It is already at $ 1,225.

The Warlord’s Wife Costume is getting a LOT of attention for a background costume. It is beautiful, and so I am sure there are some wives nudging their collector husbands on! At $ 860, it will probably be a surprise where it ends.

A beautiful Admiral’s costume, in fact the best TNG one we have seen is Vice Admiral Nakamura’s unfiorm. I really like this costume. It has the pants, which are rare for early TNG admiral uniforms.
Currently at $ 760, This will probably go between $ 1,600 and $ 1,800.

The USS Relativity Costume is really nice. There were at least 8 individuals wearing these costumes, and that means there may be as many as 12 -15 of these, as they probably didn’t make just one for each of the main guest stars. The last one went for $ 1,675.

The T’Pol Costume Lot will certainly get the usual suspects excited. These are civilian costumes though and I doubt we will see the same crazy bidding. It is at $ 621, but will easily hit $ 1,500.

The Nemesis Worf stunt costume lot is nice in that there are two uniforms, though one is badly damaged. These were worn by Michael Dorn’s stunt double in Nemesis. The good one comes with a Comm Badge, which we don’t often see. This is at $ 610 and I think this could be a great deal. There are three red under shirts and a pair of boots. People pay $ 1,500 for a single background costume of this type. So pay attention here!

There is a Red Command Starfleet Uniform Jumpsuit a Gold Jumpsuit and Sciences Blue Uniform.
These are all very nice and will look awesome on display. I think they are probably going to go in the $ 1,500 range. There is also a female red uniform.

There is a distressed “Commander Reed” costume from the episode “Twilight”. It is distressed, so should go at a reasonable price. It is currently at $ 510.

There is a stunt Major Kira costume that I think is quite beautiful. It is only at $ 405 now and so I think this could wind up being a good deal. It has a Bajoran Comm Badge. It is a bit of a different style and I think this would look great on display. Kira fans look here!

The Chakotay Away Mission uniform is nice in that it has boots and a rank pin. These are pretty sharp uniforms, and like many items thsi week, could be a good deal.

Finally there is an important Guinan costume from the episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise”. W ehaven’t seen many Guinan costumes and so this is a good one. I have no clue as to the extent of Guinan fandom, but the last two went for $ 1,275 and $ 1,402.

As far as props go:

There is a bit of discussion on the Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Forum about the Ten Forward Doors. Our resident expert Jorg, feels these are not Ten Forward’s doors, but rather ones seen in the first season TNG episode “Conspiracy”. Ten Forward never has frosted glass in its doors, and like much of Ten Forward, the doors were re-used for Voyager’s mess hall; the doors being repainted grey, which should be their current configuration. These are at $ 1,325. Shipping will be a lot for these.

The Romulan Console is a beauty, and I would go after it, but I really am not into big set pieces right now. A double version of this sold at Christie’s. The graphics on this are beautiful. At $ 1,007 this one will probably top $ 2,000.

The 24th Century Electronic PADD is very nice. This type of PADD was used in Star Trek: Insurrection only according to our resident expert Jorg. Unfortunately a friend of mine wanted this, so I am not bidding on this, but it is a beauty! These typically go around $ 1,500.

The Next Generation Style PADD is also nice in that it has a list of ship names on it. Like the above version, this will go about $ 1,500.

The Vulcan Computer Console is also a beauty. The clear plexi all over is quite different from most, but it is cool that the most similar is the Romulan version.

The Alien Computer Console is an Osaarian console from “Anomaly”. It was seen in the Osaarian depot aboard the a sphere in the Delphic Expanse. This might go low as it isn’t from a major race, so if you are looking for a bargain, look here.

The Dermal Regenerator is absolutely an awesome prop. This could go high and I think it is a $ 1,500 prop at least. There aren’t a ton of great hand props left, and so if you are looking for one, this could be a good one for your collection.

The Vulcan book is an amazing prop that I think will top $ 1,000, because it not only has Vulcan script on the cover, but a few pages inside as well!

There is a nice resin Son’A hand pistol prop that should do well. Previous hero versions have gone for $ 414 and $ 1,531.

Crewman Daniel’s Crew Quarters Desk, Chair and footlocker give you an entire set’s worth of stuff! Shipping will be a bitch, but if you can pick this up, I think you get a great deal.

The Klingon PADD is a reused prop that was originally a communications device from Crewman Daniel’s quarters. It was seen in “Shockwave II” when Silik tried to contact Future Guy with the device, but got a kick in the stomach by Archer instead, when he came through the temporal distortion instead.

The Klingon Hand Pistol is rubber, and one two weeks ago went high, topping $ 2,000. That was way high since previous versions have gone for $ 900 and $ 1,150. With one bidder satisfied, this one should go lower.

Archer’s Remote Control and Gravity Cell is interesting. There have been two or three of these models auctioned off recently. One at Christie’s, one two weeks ago here and one through Profiles in History. Someone needs these to go with their model! Not sure why this is low now, but it will certainly top $ 1,000.

The Feature Style Starfleet Crewman’s belt is nice and very desirable as many costumes do not have belt’s with them.

The Voyager Medical Stabilizer is a nice small prop in that it is metal and resin. The exact same prop went in week 24 for $ 860

The Klingon Bat’Leth is from Enterprise, and so has been repainted a rusty color. Made of hard foam, this one is probably a little less desirable than the regular rubber ones. The harder the rubber, the better it will stand up over time. I have seen a lot of Next Generation rubber props that just look like crap. Hopefully, this one will hold up. I wish there were more detailed descriptions here.

Thanks to the amazing Jorg, who I borrow from liberally on some of his “Errors and Additions” posts on the Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Forum. I am trying to get Jorg to be a regular contributer here because his insights are so good.

Well, good luck all and happy hunting!


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