Week 31 Preview

There aren’t a lot of great costumes this week.

The complete Enterprise MACO costume with assault kit is beautiful. We have seen these before and I really like this one. I would go after it, but it is a Holy Grail for a buddy, so I am stepping aside for him. None the less, this is a great set and should go around $ 3,000.

The Klingon uniform is actually the movie style, which is identifiable by the triangular shoulders rather than the square ones from the DS9 versions. This is beautiful and it should go around $ 2,000-2,500. These are well worth it as I have one and love it. They are stunning in person.

The T’Pol Civilian Costume is nice and there seem to be a lot of her civilian wear around. And fortunately they have been going at more reasonable prices than her uniforms.

There is a Sciences Blue Starfleet Uniform Jumpsuit and a Red Command Starfleet Uniform Jumpsuit. These typically go around $ 800-1,200 and are a good deal at that price.

There is a Commander Reed uniform Jumpsuit. The last one went for $ 1,680, which I think is a good deal for a main character costume.

There is an Enterprise Klingon Uniform that should go around $ 1,000. These are not as iconic as the 24th centery style, but interesting and more unique.

I like the Romulan Tal SHiar Uniform. The belts and bandoleers on these are really cool and this one should look great on display. I also like this one more than the broad shouldered ones.

Finally, I really like the Bashir Battle of Britain holosuite costume as it really speaks to this character and his relationship with Miles. Sure, it isn’t a Starfleet uniform, but cool none the less.

As far as props go:

There are a lot of good props this week, and some of them have already gotten pretty expensive.

The Xindi Computer Interface Panel is going quite high! I am not sure why as it isn’t especially interesting or recognizable, but who knows what drives people sometimes. It is at $ 1,400 already which is quite surprising!

There is a Voyager Tricorder that is very nice. It is not the light-up version and it is a bit rough, but I think this goes in the $ 2,500-3,000 range as we haven’t seen any like these. It is only at $ 1,025 now, but this will be the subject of lots of last minute bidding I think.

The Enterprise Button panel lot is at $ 985 and this is a surprise as well. These aren’t particularly impressive, but there are 3 of them.

I love the TNG Exocomp! This is a beauty and such a memorable prop. Only at $ 676, this is a $ 2,000 prop easy, but I am surprised at the lack of early interest. Sure the feet are broken, but this is probably repairable. I will tell you this is probably the best prop this week.

The Hero Suliban Energy Pistol is a beauty. It is from the pilot epsiode of Enterpise and they went to a different gun after that episode, so this is rare. It is a beauty and should go close to $ 2,000.

The Field Rate 2 PADD we have seen twice before. The first sold for $ 1,225 and the second $ 889. I own a different version of this type and I love it. Not a light up type, but these look awesome on display! I highly recommend it up to $ 1,200. It is at $ 535 right now.

The 24th Century Starfleet Electronic PADD is nice. We are seeing lots of these and they have been going all over the board. I wouldn’t pay over $ 1,500 for one of these.

The Travel Isolinear Storage Assembly is a re-list from week 12, so the previous buyer must have not gone through with the purchase. This is a great prop. It sold for $ 1,825 before and i like this up to $ 2,000.

The Romulan Disruptor Pistol is a beauty. I own one of these and they are just awesome. I highly recommend this prop as it will look great on display. Mine is stunning and gets lots of attention.

The Klingon D’K Tahg and Sheath is rubber but quite nice. These are pretty popular and make great conversation pieces. The sheath will have to be repaired, but under $ 1,000 this is a good deal.

I love the Xindi Rifle. These are truly stunning and the three previous ones have gone between $ 900 and $ 1,000. I highly recommend this. I saw one in person at the Burbank show and I wish I had bought it!

There is a huge Na’kuhl control console. We are seeing lots of these and they aren’t going very high. Last week’s went for $ 742 which is CHEAP for such a big piece of furniture. BUY THIS!!

The Klingon Disruptor Pistol is beautiful. We have seen a few of these and even though they are rubber, they should hold up well as the rubber used by the prop shop that made Enterprise props is very hard and durable. And the paint job on this is amazing.

Finally, I love the Klingon Assassin Gun Case from Star Trek VI. Very recognizable and should look awesome on display. It doesn’t open, but cool none the less. Probably goes around $ 800.

Well, that is all for now. For this week’s Errors and Additions by Jorg, check out the Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Forum.

Good hunting!


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