Week 31 Results

This was a big prop week with 8 of the top 10 sales being props. There were a few great costumes, but not many.

The complete Enterprise MACO costume with assault kit was the top item this week, selling for more than $ 1,000 over the previous high of $ 2,950 for this item at $ 4,176. Not bad considering everything you get with it.

The Klingon uniform went VERY high at $ 3,341.99. These costume usually go in the $ 1,500-2,500 range. This was a movie version, but still this went very high for one without boots.

The Enterprise Starfleet Jumpsuit went for $ 1,512, which is a bit high, these usually going in the $ 1,000-1,2000 range. New bidders certainly have driven up this price. Not bad though, when you consider what you get.

The T’Pol Civilian Costume went for a reasonable $ 1,500, so I hope this means the T’Pol costume hysteria has died down!

The Garak “In the Pale Moonlight” costume was a great deal. A nice costume, with a good pedigree. Garak has some serious fans, and it is always fun to see them win one of these. And interestingly, two of the winners of these have been women. Hmmmmm.

The Commander Reed uniform Jumpsuit at $ 1,225 was an INSANE deal on a main character costume.

The Sciences Blue Starfleet Uniform Jumpsuit went for $ 1,148 and the Red Command Starfleet Uniform Jumpsuit went for $ 1,175, showing where these prices have settled.

As far as props go:

The Voyager Tricorder went about where one would expect at $ 3,750. Not bad for the first good resin Tricorder we have seen so far. It should be noted it went to a fairly new bidder.

The DS9 TR-116 Assassin’s Rifle was a surprise at $ 2,716. The only example IAW found according to Colin, it is cool, but that was a bit more than I would have thought it would go for.

The TNG Exocomp is awesome and went for a healthy $ 2,706. I hope there is another, because I would love to have one of these. We don’t often see props that are this substantial and important. I think this was a fair price for this prop.

The Romulan Disruptor Pistol at $ 1,822 was a beauty. A great pistol resin pistol prop, these look awesome on display and I think one like this will hold its value.

The Travel Isolinear Storage Assembly went for $ 1,604 and this was over $ 200 less than the first time it was listed. (It is a re-list from week 12, so the previous buyer must have not gone through with the purchase). A nice prop that will look great on display, I think it was a good buy.

The Klingon Disruptor Pistol from Enterprise was rubber, but very nice. At $ 1,581 it was about where it should have gone and came with a holster. As I mentioned in the preview, even though this was rubber, it should hold up well as the rubber used by the prop shop that made Enterprise props is very hard and durable.

Worst Buy of the Week was certainly the Cluster of Dilithium Crystals at $ 1,525. There was a lot of talk on this on the Star Trek prop, Costume and Auction Forum, and not good! These have been going in the $ 200-300 range and this price is insane.

I am the proud winner of the Romulan Senate Model at $ 1,525. This model is awesome as it was featured in the Star Trek:Nemesis Special Edition DVD featurette on the Romulans. My good buddy Jason wanted it to, and he graciously backed off. This will go great with the rest of my Romulan collection and I think it is an important piece of Star Trek prop history.

The Xindi Computer Interface Panel went strong at $ 1,400 to my buddy Grant. It was very sharp, and will display very well when properly displayed, but I think this was a bit strong.

I recommended the Enterprise Field Rate 2 PADD up to $ 1,200 and was still a good deal at the $ 1,255 it went for. I have a similar one and highly recommend these as they are substantial props that look great in your collection.

The Xindi Rifle was a good deal at $ 1,225 as these are stunning. My buddy Jason got it and will surely be pleased. Though rubber, these are the Enterprise hard rubber ones, and the one I saw at Burbank showed no signs of degradation.

Jason also won the Klingon Assassin Gun Case from Star Trek VI at the same price. Also a good deal I think because it was a key prop.

Finally, the Hero Suliban Energy Pistol went for $ 1,225 and was a fantastic deal. This shoudl have gone for close to $ 2,000, so I am surprised to see it go so cheap. Fortunately, my buddy Grant won this prop as well, so he doesn’t feel so bad for over-paying on the Xindo Console!


Best Costume of the Week: The complete Enterprise MACO costume with assault kit.

Best Prop of the Week: The TNG Exocomp was a beauty!

Best Buy of the week: , The Hero Suliban Energy Pistol at $ 1,225 was a great deal!

Worst Buy of the week: The Cluster of Dilithium Crystals at $ 1,525 was ridiculous.

Sleeper of the Week: The Commander Reed uniform Jumpsuit at $ 1,225


Star Trek:
Enterprise MACO costume with assault kit $ 4,176

Star Trek: Voyager Tricorder $ 3,750

Star Trek Mov ie Klingon uniform $ 3,341.99

Star Trek: DS9 TR-116 Assassin’s Rifle $ 2,716

Star Trek: TNG Exocomp $ 2,706

Well, that is all for now. Thanks to Aaron for the stats and Jorg for everything he does on the Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Forum.


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