Hey all! I am in San Diego at Comic Con, and so my preview is short as I have too much to do here along with working! Yeah, I may be out of the office, but we are in crunch time with fantasy football season coming, so I am putting in 6 hour days on work, trying to see some of the Con and hanging with my friends.

I will say I met Lee, the owner of the Motion Picture Prop Company forum, which is the best general prop collecting forum on the Internet. If you like movie props in general, check it out. Lee has to be the nicest guy I have met in the prop world. I also met Shannon, who is on the Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Forum and Jeff Young, who is one of my first prop collecting buddies. Jeff and I saw the Paramount previews yesterday and got to see JJ Abrahms introduce Zachary Quinto, Skylar of Heroes, as the new Spock in the new Star Trek movie. Leonard Nimoy was also introduced as he will be playing Spock as well!.

Anyway, on to this week. I am only going to cover the top 10 items due to time limitations.

The DS9 IKS Neghvar model shot up this AM and is at $ 4,650 now. Despite not having its top modeled, as they only photographed this from below, this is pretty damn cool. I think it will go in the $ 6,000-8,000 range.

The Enterprise Hero Communicator is at $ 4,350 now and will easily top $ 5,000. A strong price, but this is the only one IAW has. I think it is funny that they found this in the bottom of some random duffle bag. We saw the hero Enterprise scanner go for a crazy amount, so nothing will surprise me here.

The Spock Class A Starfleet Uniform is at $ 3,750 and will go higher. What should be noted is that the shirt is NOT Nimoy’s. Cool none the less, but I wouldn’t pay high as I like having a costume that is 100% the actor’s.

The DS9 Luthor Sloan uniform and costume is at $ 2,752 is pretty strong and will easily top $ 3,000. As I mentioned in an answer to a post on the Forum, two factors will drive Sloan up: 1) The costume has a comm badge and a RARE commando vest, plus a shirt from the episode. Lot of cool stuff here. Plus it is the very good looking and popular black and gray. 2) Sloan is a VERY popular character. Think Garak.

The Major Kira as a Breen costume will go between $ 3,500 and $ 4,500 I think. I won the last Breen costume at $ 3,616 and this one was used by Major Kira. Whether that is good or bad I don’t know. Female costumes usually go less than male ones but this was used by a major character.

There are two Maroons this week:

The Star Trek VII Captain’s Uniform – female has Admiral gold piping on it, but sadly, no belt! This is an interesting costume in that it has a resin captain rank, but was used as an Admiral in Star Trek: Generations. Could be a good deal here.

The Lt. j.g. Janice Rand Officer’s uniform is from Start Trek VI. There has been a lot of interest in this one and it is nice. I see this easily over $ 3,000.

The Star Trek: TMP Decker class D jumpsuit is at $ 1,325 and could top $ 2,000. A nice Decker Class A went for $ 2,750, so this one could go that high, but I think around $ 2,000-2,300 is more likely.

The Captain Picard electronic computer monitor is at $ 1,076. According to Jorg, “Monitors of this kind were only seen in Picard’s ready room and quarters aboard the Enterprise-E in Star Trek: Insurrection.” I think it is a $ 2,000 item and worth it.

The Cardassian costume is only at $ 1,005 now and could be a great deal. This is a beautiful costum as mine came this past week (worn by Garak). I highly recommend these and think it will go around $ 2,000 and be worth every penny.

Well, sorry to make this short, but good luck today!


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