Week 32 Results

Well, the San Diego at Comic Con was amazing as always. I got to hang out with my good buddy Jeff Young and I met Lee, Shannon and Steve from the Motion Picture Prop Company forum. I also saw JJ Abrahms talk about the new Star Trek film and just had a blast. I also got to watch the auctions end in West Coast time.

So, this week, the Spock Class A Starfleet Uniform hit an amazing $ 13,100 and it wasn’t even a complete Nimoy! If the ever willing to spend a lot of $ buyer maharanidiva had bothered to read the description, she would have seen that the costume top wasn’t a Nimoy! Now, with a Nimoy top, you can at least justify the price in that it is a complete star costume. With the non-Nimoy shirt, this is the worst buy of the week. s at $ 3,750 and will go higher. What should be noted is that the shirt is NOT Nimoy’s. Cool none the less, but I wouldn’t pay high as I like having a costume that is 100% the actor’s.

The DS9 IKS Neghvar model sold for $ 7,500 and was reasonable for such a large, though incomplete, model. I would track down the model builder and have him finish this one off, as only the bottom was finished.

The Lt. j.g. Janice Rand Officer’s uniform sold for $ 5,227 and that was pretty strong. My good buddy Andy lost out on this one, but he does have the Reliant model to make him feel better! The winning bidder was a new one, who has previously won two other movie uniforms. This is the second highest selling Maroon after the Cartwright.

The DS9 Luthor Sloan uniform and costume is at $ 4,335 sold way strong. Now, it did have a comm badge and a rare commando vest, plus a shirt from the episode. However, this sold in Captain’s territory, and I think it won’t hold its value here. We have seen Captain’s go in the $ 3,500-4,500 range and I don’t think other characters can hold up at these prices on the secondary market. Sloan is a VERY popular character though and this is a great costume, so I don’t think it is a bad deal.

The Major Kira as a Breen costume went for $ 4,049, which is about where we expected it to go. My good buddy Jason won this and I know he was pretty fired up to get one. He owns an original Breen Rifle as well. I have one of these, having won the first one auctioned by IAW and I can tell you they are awesome!

The Star Trek VII Captain’s Uniform – female went for $ 3,440 and was fairly priced there. It had Admiral gold piping on it, but no belt. This was an interesting costume in that it has a resin captain rank, but was used as an Admiral in Star Trek: Generations.

The Cardassian costume at $ 3,049 went VERY strong considering that the Garak from a few weeks ago went for $ 2,950. These are beautiful costumes, but I think this was very strong. A previous one went for $ 1,235.

The Councilor Troi casual uniform went for $ 2,607 and was one of the more recognizable Troi costumes. A fair price for an important costume I think. A little boring maybe, but memorable.

The Star Trek: TMP Decker class D jumpsuit went for $ 2,205. A Decker Class A went for $ 2,750, so this one was reasonable.

A TNG Starfleet Command Red Uniform went for $ 2,025. Now I have no idea what is going on with TNG uniforms as they have been going all over the place. An Operations Gold went for $ 710, so go figure.

An Enterprise Starfleet engineering Red Uniform went high at $ 1,925, considering that a Lt. Reed went for $ 1,681 in Week 27. This was a first time winner, which probably explains the high price.

As far as props go:

The Enterprise Hero Communicator at $ 7,400 was way more than expected. It is the only one IAW has, and this too was purchased by maharanidiva, who currently tops all IAW buyers with over $ 118,000 in purchases. She has no problem spending strong to get what she wants, and she keeps setting records with her purchases. I hope I never have to bid against her!

The Captain Picard electronic computer monitor at $ 3,329 and Enterprise E computer console at $ 3,050 both went to the same bidder. Both went about where one might expect.

The Starfleet Six Chair Lot went for $ 2,303, which was surprising, as chairs haven’t been going this strong. These are from the Enterprise A though and someone obviously knew it.

I was pretty excited to win the Enterprise Hypospray kit at $ 1,803. This has two resin and metal hyposprays in a beautiful metal case, like many of the Enterprise medical supplies we see.

I really liked the Enterprise Captain Archer Water Polo ball and bag. A very cool prop that has significant meaning for Archer. I think teh price was a bit strong, but certainly justifiable. The bag looks great and this will make an awesome display.

Finally, the Enterprise Shuttle Bay Tether Launcher is a prop we have seen on film and is pretty cool. My buddy Jason Stevens won this and I think it is a beauty. At $ 1,581, a reasonable price.


Best Costume of the Week: The Major Kira as a Breen costume at $ 4,049 is a beauty

Best Prop of the Week: The Enterprise Hero Communicator was very expensive at $ 7,400, but still the best prop.

Best Buy of the week: The William Shatner Class B uniform top was a steal at $ 1,158

Worst Buy of the week: The Spock Class A Starfleet Uniform at $ 13,100 was an awful deal for an incomplete costume.

Sleeper of the Week: The Lt. Ilia Class A Starfleet Uniform at $ 860 was an amazing buy.


Star Trek:
TMP Spock Class A Starfleet Uniform $ 13,100

Star Trek: DS9 IKS Neghvar model $ 7,500

Star Trek: Enterprise Hero Communicator $ 7,400

Star Trek: Generations Lt. j.g. Janice Rand Officer’s uniform $ 5,227

Star Trek: DS9 Luthor Sloan uniform $ 4,335

Well, that is all for now. Thanks to Aaron for the stats and Jorg for everything he does on the Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Forum.


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