Week 33 Preview

I am off in Vegas this week on business, and after only a day and a half back home after San Diego, I have been buried. So this will be another short preview. I am looking forward to seeing many of you back here next Wednesday for the Star Trek con!

Interestingly, the female USS Relativity costume is the high item right now at $ 1,300. I just won one of these and can’t wait for it to come in. They are beautiful, and I think everyone who gets one will be very happy. One like this went for $ 1,675 in week 26 and this one could go close to $ 2,000 easy.

The MACO with assault kit is nice and should go around $ 3,000. The last one went for $ 4,176, but the second bidder was under $ 3,000, so I think that is about where this goes. These are nice because you get so much for the price and on a mannequin they should look great.

The N’Garen female Klingon costume is pretty cool. I am not sure why it is only at $ 811 other than everyone is waiting till the last minute. This doesn’t have boots, and it doesn’t have gauntlets, but does have some interesting gloves. This should go over $ 2,000.

The Nemesis Reman Warrior costume is awesome! I have one and I love this costume. Honestly, the Nemesis costumes are the best movie costumes Star Trek ever produced. While the last one went for $ 2,416 in week 28, others have gone around $ 2,000. This has a latex head appliance, which is cool, but of course probably need to be preserved as latex can deteriorate. These are AWESOME costumes and I urge you to spend your $ here!

The Emergency Command Hologram costume is classic and I love this one. This was a funny take on the Doctor in Voyager and what this costume lacks in pizazz, it makes up for in character. Currently at $ 753, this will go in the $ 2,500 range I suspect.

I love the Dr. Bashir Starfleet Uniform as it is the only time he wore a TNG style uniform, before moving to the Voyager style jumpsuit. I have no idea where this goes, but I think this is a significant costume.

I also really like the Picard “All Good things…” costume as we all remember Picard tending to grapes in this classic episode. There are a few Picard collectors out there who are chomping at the bit for this one.

The Barclay Starfleet Uniform is nice in that it is a black and gray. His last Starfleet uniform, a Voyager style, went for $ 1,330, and this one should go in the $ 1,500 range I think.

I’m a big Nog fan, and so I highly recommend the Nog Starfleet Uniform Jumpsuit lot. I think this goes cheap and around $ 1,200 max.

There are a lot of good costumes besides what i have listed. And I think there will be some great deals here.

As far as props go:

The Andy Probert painting was listed for an insane $ 100,000 on the IAW web site when the auctions started, but was taken down and put up on eBay this week. I think this goes around $ 5,000, unless someone goes crazy as has happened a lot lately.

The Hero Reman Hand Pistol is nice, even though the tip is broken. That can be repaired if you send it to my buddy Brett Jones at Federation Surplus (he is the man for repairs and repros). Already at $ 811, this could hit $ 1,500. Nice holster too.

The Huge LCARS Federation Insignia Panel is already at $ 760 and this could shoot up to over $ 2,000 easily. This is big as the title says, and pretty cool.

There is a nice molded rubber Nemesis Phaser Rifle that should go around $ 1,200-1,400 and will be a good deal in that range.

Finally, I like the Klingon D’K Tagh knife as it is in amazing shape. A good deal under $ 1,200 I think.

Sorry I don’t have time for more, but this traveling is sucking up my time!


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