Week 33 Results

Well, another week on the road, and this time I am in Vegas for fun; the Creation Star Trek Convention. So forgive my short posts of last week’s results and this week’s preview. I will however be posting some great stuff on the convention tomorrow.

The MACO with assault kit went as expected at $ 3,250. These are great because of all the stuff they have. It is a great costume with lots of great props. The last one went for $ 4,176, so this was bound to come down with that bidder out of the race. There are more of these to come too.

The Nemesis Reman Warrior costume went for $ 2,687. This had a latex head appliance as well, so probably went for more than just the costume itself would have. These costumes usually go around $ 2,000 and are well worth it. If you are thinking of buying one DO SO! Even the Xindi Reptilian ones, which use most of these costumes, are nice.

The Barclay Starfleet Uniform went very strong at $ 2,481! There are definitely some Barclay fans out there to pay so high for his costume, but certainly not a bad deal for such a loved character.

I lost out on the Emergency Command Hologram costume and was really bummed! This would have looked great with my captain’s collection. At $ 2,469 it was fairly strong, but a good price none the less.

The Picard “All Good things…” costume went to my good friend Giles. He was quite pleased, even paying $ 2, 434, which is VERY strong for a civilian character costume. I don’t blame him, because this is a well known costume from an important part of one of the best TNG episodes.

At $ 2,215, the Dr. Bashir Starfleet Uniform went a bit storng, but not bad considering that this was a TNG style uniform, which he only wore in “Emissary”, the DS9 pilot, before moving to the Voyager style jumpsuit.

The background Starfleet Command Red Uniform went high for a background costume at $ 2,200. I guess people want to have one that looks like a Picard! Background costumes typically go from $ 800-1,500.

The female USS Relativity costume went right on target at $ 1,815. These are just stunning ostumes, and I got mine this past week and am in love with it. I brought it to vegas to display at the Star Trek convention because it needs to be seen to be believed!

Finally, the N’Garen female Klingon costume went cheap at $ 1,362! What was the deal here? This is definitely the deal of the week! Whichever of you wants a Klingon needs to pay attention! This should have gone at least $ 500 higher.

As far as props go:

The Andy Probert painting sold for $ 5,100. A far cry from the $100,000 it was listed for on the IAW web site when the auctions started. I relaly nev er liked this painting, but it is a significant prop and a piece of legitimate art, so the price is justified.

The Tom Paris/Captain proton Jetpack was another item I got outbid on at $ 2,605! UGH! Oh well, it was pretty cool, though I didn’t go to the wall on this as the rest of the costume is not at IAW, and there were 3 of these made. So maybe there is a a full Captain proton costume out there!.

The Borg Subdermal Probe is another great prop. At $ 2,351 it went strong, but not unreasonably, since Borg items are hot.

The Huge LCARS Federation Insignia Panel at $ 1.904 was about where I would have thought this would go. These are popular, especially when they have an important image on them. This was a big one too.

The Hero Reman Hand Pistol at $ 1,734 was strong, but not out of where it should have gone. These are MUCH bigger than you would think. Bigger than any phaser pistol you have. With a great holster too, as these are beautiful holsters made in the Reman style.


Best Costume of the Week: The Picard “All Good things…” costume at $ 2,434 was very cool and more unique than any other top costume this week.

Best Prop of the Week: The Tom Paris/Captain proton Jetpack was very cool and certainly different!

Best Buy of the week: The N’Garen female Klingon costume at $ 1,362 was a steal!

Worst Buy of the week: None! Everyone did a good job this past week!

Sleeper of the Week: The Harry Kim Starfleet Uniform was an awesome deal at $ 990.


The Andy Probert painting $ 5,100

Star Trek: Enterprise MACO with assault kit $ 3,250

Star Trek: Nemesis Reman Warrior costume $ 2,687

Star Trek: Tom Paris/Captain proton Jetpack $ 2,605

Star Trek: TNG Barclay Starfleet Uniform $ 2,481

See you in Vegas!


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