Week 35 Results

Week 35 was a rather boring week in my book, and for the first time in 4 months I didn’t win a thing! That was good news, as I spent a bunch with IAW in Vegas.

The T’Pol Season 3 costume wasn’t used according to the description, and yet it still went for $ 4,550. This time, it was a new bidder who won the costume. I think that was kind of high for a costume that wasn’t used, but the T’Pol costumes all go higher than reason dictates!

The Captain Janeway Starfleet Uniform was a rare two piece style. At $ 3,850 I think it went right in line with where Captain’s costumes go and I like this one a lot. If I didn’t own the Admiral Janeway from Nemesis, I would have gone hard after this one.

The Tom Paris complete Starfleet Uniform was one of the few costumes we have seen that had both pips and comm badge. At $ 3,751 I think it went high though. Paris costume can be had around $ 1,500, so that values the pips, shoes and comm badge at over $ 2,000 which is way too high.

The Ensign Marta Betanides was the Maroon of the week and at $ 3,251 a bit over what these have been going for. This had no belt, which hurts, but it is nice none the less. Any Maroon is!

The Emergency Holographic Doctor costume from Star Trek First Contact went for $ 3,230. This is a pretty memorable costume from First Contact in a great scene with Robert Picardo.

The Barclay Starfleet Uniform was the rare two piece style as well, and I loved this one. At $ 3,150 a bit high though. This is Captain’s territory it is getting into, but a beauty none the less. I love the way the gold looks on these uniforms.

The Captain Kirk rock climbing outfit is one we have seen before. At $ 2,901 it is a good deal on a costume that we all remember from a really bad Star Trek movie! (With apologies to the guru of Star Trek V…Aaron Carlson)

The Distressed O’Brien Starfleet Uniform went for a high $ 2,313. Considering it was distressed, this is a bit more than it should have, but O’Brien is one of those beloved characters.

The Ds9 Quark costume at $ 2,216 was strong, but new bidders are driving up the hero costume lately. This is a beautiful and recognizable costume and so I think it is well worth the price.

The Genesis Planet Admiral Kirk costume is one we have seen several times in different forms. A complete one sold for $ 10,000 or so at Vegas, and we have seen shirts and sets like this one before. At $ 1,914 I think this was pretty fair for a Kirk.

A bunch of main character costumes went for great prices:

The Hoshi Sato Starfleet Uniform at $ 1,725 was pretty much in line with where these have been going. These display well and are well worth the price.

At $ 1,723 the Jadzia Dax Starfleet Uniform was a good buy for a great costume of a main character. I love the black and grays and so this was a very good deal. My buddy Dana has one of these and they look great on display.

The Chakotay uniform had a Maquis rank pip and so that made this one a bit more special. It went for $ 1,624 which is a good deal on a First Officer costume.

The Tuvok Starfleet Uniform at $ 1,482 was a great deal as was the Harry Kim Uniform which sold for $ 1,325 and was a steal.

The Dr. Bashir also went cheap at $ 1,227. All these style costumes go low because they are the least liked. Everyone loves the black and gray styles, so if you are looking for a good deal on a main character costume, these are the best deals.

The B’Ellana Torres costume at $ 1,225 was another steal. It too had the Maquis provisional rank pin. It’s hard to decide which is the best deal as they all went so cheap!

Finally, the Captain Archer Starfleet uniform was not used by Scott Bakula and so went cheap at $ 1,500. It doesn’t have the shoulder patch but is a Captain none the less.

As far as props go:

The top prop was the Bajoran Gavel Prop at $ 1,801. Kind of cool and will look great on someone’s desk as a paperweight!

The Brown Readout PADD for Wall Mounting was interesting. The graphic was awesome, which I think is what makes one PADD more interesting than another. Plus this is a unique color.

The poor selection this week shows most when you realize that the Sample Jar Lot w/case was the third highest selling prop at $ 1,175. Though interesting, I think the lack of great labeling made it uninteresting for me.

The Starfleet Medical Device at $ 1,054 was about right. Not particularly memorable or even attractive, but a fair deal I think for an all metal prop that lights up!

The Lokirrim Medical Device was a beauty and went at a good price being that it was all metal. The good is that it went for $ 865, the bad is that it was hardly seen on screen!

Finally, at $ 845, the Sickbay Button Panel was about where one could expect for a panel like this from Enterprise.

Man, what a bad week for props!


Best Costume of the Week: The Star Trek: Voyager Captain Janeway Starfleet Uniform at $ 3,850 was the best costume due to its rarity.

Best Prop of the Week: The Bajoran Gavel Prop at $ 1,801 was the best in a bad week for props.

Best Buy of the week: The B’Ellana Torres costume at $ 1,225 was a steal!

Worst Buy of the week: A few items went high, but no really bad buys!

Sleeper of the Week: Any main character costume under $ 1,500 was a great deal!


Star Trek: Enterprise
T’Pol Season 3 costume $ 4,550

Star Trek: Voyager Captain Janeway Starfleet Uniform $ 3,850

Star Trek: Voyager Tom Paris complete Starfleet Uniform $ 3,751

Star Trek: TNG Ensign Marta Betanides Maroon Uniform $ 3,251

Star Trek: First Contact Emergency Holographic Doctor costume $ 3,230

Vegas updates start tomorrow!


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