Week 41 Results

Well, needless to say, a lot going on this week, so my apologies for this being late. Just because IAW is pissing me off, I don’t want to make this blog all about IAW and their issues. After all, we do this because we love collecting stuff from our favorite show.

OK, so this is a week old. This is what closed on September 28. Nothing spectacular, but we are starting to see prices for all but the most desire able items dropping. There are good deals all over as people get worn down by both bad service and the duration of these auctions.

The Star Trek: TNG Captain Picard Uniform and Civilian Lot at $ 3,150 was the top costume lot. an interesting lot in that it had what appeared to be an unfinished Picard two piece costume. I think this was a good way to get a Picard.

The Star Trek: TNG Councilor Troi uniform at $ 2,609 was a great lot as it not only had the black and gray uniform, but it had a wig, corset, boots and pips! So I think a good deal for the buyer here.

The T‘Pol away team jacket and uniform was the best buy of the week. At $ 2,420, my good buddy Jim Williams won this. Yes the T’Pol uniform was unfinished at tech cuffs, but so what? It is like a production made prop. Maybe not screen used, but that is not important to me, and this was a great way to get a good deal on both a T’Pol uniform as well as the cool jacket.

The MACO Complete Uniform went for $ 2,282. The uniform was distressed, but the whole ensemble is very cool, and a decent price. What makes this cool is how complete it is.

The Worf costume lot at $ 1,925 was a good deal I think. It was a stunt lot for the most part, but what great costumes! The Naval costume with boots is pretty recognizable. My good friend Lyn won this lot and I congratulate her on a wise purchase.

The Enterprise Xindi Reptilian Costume went for $ 1,913 and was about where these always go. The costume is a Reman costume from Nemesis where the costume has been converted from a jumpsuit to a two piece. These look great on display.

The Voyager Commander Chakotay Uniform went for $ 1,881. This had a rank pip and some costume extras. IAW is packaging costume elements with good uniforms to basically move the stuff out. A wise move (see? I can give credit where due) as otherwise these extra elements will clog up the warehouse and are not worth listing.

The TNG Borg costume at $ 1,680 was a beauty. I bid on this and my friend John won this and I am really happy for him. I wouldn’t touch a movie/Voyager Borg costume as they are foam and latex and fall apart. But this one was AWESOME. A great buy and I think it will really last.

The Data Costume Lot at $ 1,585 was a good deal as it had a nice First Contact stunt Data. A good deal I believe for two stunt costumes.

The Captain Archer Distressed Uniform went for a reasonable $ 1,284. There is something cool about distressed costumes as they are so easily screen matched.

As far as props go:

The Kolaran Jeep Mounted Gun and Argo Canon went for a surprising $ 1,504. Cool in that ws two pieces. The Argo canon was the one without the electronics in it, that one being sold previously.

The Wish List – Working Light Up PADD went for $ 1,415. Another boring PADD. ho-hum.

The Alien Chair set dressing was actually pointed out to be Commander Donatra’s by Jim Williams, who owns Donatra’s uniform. At $ 1,289 a decent deal and won by Martin from Germany. He has no problem paying big shipping costs, but the weak dollar helps.

The Voyager Briefing Room Chair went for $ 1,227. These are very cool and I would love to have one as my office chair.

The Voyager Anti-Matter Pod at $ 1,084 was cool in that it is a model used in filiming. With CGI, there won’t be many more of these coming out these days. My good buddy Dana won this one at a good price.

I loved the Romulan Star Empire Wall Flat at $ 943. I want one, but I have been bidding less these days due to my frustrations with IAW. Still, a great piece at a good price.

My favorite prop though is the Phaser Power Cell at $ 941. DS9 fans know this prop from “Behind the Lines”. It is critical to that episode and I bought one direct from IAW. I can’t wait to get it.


Best Costume of the Week: The TNG Borg costume at $ 1,680 was a beauty!

Best Prop of the Week: The Phaser Power Cell at $ 941. An important prop for any DS9 fan!

Best Buy of the week: The T‘Pol away team jacket and uniform at $ 2,420 had two great pieces.

Worst Buy of the week: None. We are all doing a great job buying smart!

Sleeper of the Week: The Hand Sized Circuitry PADD was a steal at $ 482!


Star Trek: TNG Captain Picard Uniform and Civilian Lot at $ 3,150.

Star Trek: TNG Councilor Troi uniform at $ 2,609.

Star Trek:Enterprise T‘Pol away team jacket and uniform at $ 2,420.

Star Trek: Enterprise MACO Complete Uniform at $ 2,282.

Star Trek: TNG Worf costume lot at $ 1,925.


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