Week 42 Results

Well, another week late. I will have Week 43 up tomorrow (I promise!). There was just to much crap to deal with IAW last week and I was in no mood. They really take the fun out of a lot of this. I think many of us feel that the burden of dealing with the lack of customer service has made this whole event less enjoyable over time.

So, with all the crap that has been flying around with IAW, I have had to try and focus on the positives as well. And there are a lot of positives. Paramount has done a great service to all of us collectors by selling off this stuff. And we have all been the beneficiaries. Most of us have made loads of new friends. I know my weekly cell bill is probably 25% prop related these days. And I have a lot of new friends and acquaintances from the Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Forum. The Vegas trip was the best vacation I have had in years. Giles, Brett, Dana and Austin, Anthony, Dr. Brett, Aaron, Daryl, Tyler and his Dad, Grant and everyone else were awesome.

So I am trying to stay focused on all the good of the past year while dealing with the aggravation of IAW. Now on to the week 42 round-up. It is shorter because I just don’t have the drive to right about auctions as much. But here we go:

The ST:TMP Decker Class A uniform at $ 2,385 was the surprise top costume of the week. His main costume you see in most scenes, it went to an Italian buyer. It was a nice piece and will look great on display.

The Enterprise Sim-Tucker jumpsuit from similitude went for a strong $ 1,994. A memorable episode, the costume was a bit boring I think. Tripp is a beloved character though, from a show with few main characters who really had a following. Honestly, I think Tripp and T’Pol were the only characters I cared for on that show, though Phlox had his moments.

The Klingon female warrior costume lot was really interesting and at $ 1,904 a fair deal. There were pieces you don’t see often, and with a little stiching, this will be an impressive addition to someone’s collection.

The Sulu Commando uniform from Star Trek V was won by my buddy Aaron at a very reasonable $ 1,900. It had the rare boots, which look really nice. I just sold Aaron the Uhura I won early on, which also had the boots. A good buy at this price.

The Beverly Crusher Costume Lot at $1,750 was a good deal as you not only got the black and gray uniform, but a lab coat and a civilian costume. So when you figure it all out, a good buy. However, I don’t think the black and gray looks as good with the lab coat as the TV style uniforms did.

The Admiral Kirk Class B Uniform is cool in that it is my favorite costume from ST:TMP. This doesn’t have the insignia nor the shoulder boards (maybe because they were sold at Christie’s for $ 3,000!). Still, this was my favorite Kirk costume from the movie.

The Harry Kim Starfleet Uniform lot was a great deal at $ 1,248. It has the rare jacket version of the costume as well as two pairs of pants and 4 shirts. My friend Martin from Germany won this along with the Jadzia and Ezri Dax Costume Lot which went for $ 1,233. That lot was a bit more of a mish-mash of pieces, but had a black and gray.

Finally, the first Weyoun costume from DS9 went for $ 1,179. It would have gone higher because I would have gone up to $ 2,000, but I didn’t bid in protest to IAW screwing me on the MACO sniper rifle. There will be many more of these.

As far as props go:

The Dr. Chaotica view screen at $ 1,775 was a good deal on an awesome prop. I am sure some of you were wondering why I didn’t go for it since I am such a huge Captain Proton fan. (I now own both the Malicia and the Demonica costumes to go with my Satan’s Robot). Well, my good buddy Dana really wnated it, and he sells all his stuff 6 months after he gets it anyway, so I figured he could rent it for a while before I add it to my collection! It is a very cool piece though and went through two variations, this being the last of the two.

The Zephram Cochrane Statute was very cool, though foam and a bit bent. At $ 1,531 it went about where I thought it would. I wish IAW would give more detail on the condition of pieces. This is a very memorable piece from Archer’s room. The one at Christie’s, also from foam, went for $ 5,500, so this was a bargain!

The Astrometrics Lab Set Design Model was also one I liked a bunch. Prolific bidder Jason Stevens won it, and I know he wanted one badly as it took some arm twisting to get him to let me have the Romulan Senate model previously. So I am glad he get his set model. And this was a nice one

The 24th Century View Screen, which was quite damaged,


Best Costume of the Week: The ST:TMP Decker Class A uniform at $ 2,385. Not especially interesting, but a key costume of an important character.

Best Prop of the Week: The Voyager Dr. Chaotica view screen at $ 1,775 was very, very cool.

Best Buy of the week: The Garak Cardassian Costume at $ 810 was a steal.

Worst Buy of the week: None. No crazy buys. I think people are settling down.

Sleeper of the Week: The first Weyoun costume from DS9 at $ 1,179 was a great deal on a costume of a character everyone loves.


Star Trek: ST:TMP Decker Class A uniform at $ 2,385

Star Trek: Enterprise Sim-Tucker jumpsuit at $ 1,994.

Star Trek: Klingon female warrior costume lot at $ 1,904

Star Trek: V Sulu Commando uniform at $ 1,900.

Star Trek: Voyager Dr. Chaotica view screen at $ 1,775


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  1. PLEASE!!!! No apologies for being late. I really appreciate all the work you put into both this Blog and the Board. Okay…enough brown nosing :~) I really do appreciate your work and am glad you do make the time!

  2. I just found this website. I am surprised that you list this Garek costume as a buy of the week, but a few weeks earlier no mention of the Garek Costume, 140160496311, going for $460.00. I was the very lucky and surprised winner.

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