Week 45 Results

Well, with IAW’s move, there was only one item that sold last week. The Romulan Senate stools, which went to Jason (a mullet is a fashion statement) Stevens for a reasonable $ 809.99

These have gone anywhere from $ 585 to $ 1,635. So Jason bought them right. These are cool props and I know I want a pair! They will look great in the Romulan section of my collection.


Best Costume of the Week: Sorry, no costumes

Best Prop of the Week: A tough race to call. But the Romulan Senate stools, edged out the competition.

Best Buy of the week: The Romulan Senate stools were a great deal!

Worst Buy of the week: The Romulan Senate stools were too much!

Sleeper of the Week:The Romulan Senate stools snuck by some people.


Star Trek: Nemesis Romulan Senate stools at $ 809.99

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