Week 48 Results

IAW is working with a reduced staff now. I believe Holly left, so assuming that means it is just Colin doing the listings, that is why we are only seeing 50 items a week.

Prices continue to drop, though a few new bidders came into the mix recently. Unique items will continue to go at strong levels, though items we see many of are coming down significantly.

The Sub-Commander T’Pol costume went for a strong $ 4,206. About where I would think these should. An identical one went for $ 4978 in week 23. This was T’Pol’s first costume and so very recognizable.

The DS9/Feature Film “Klingon Costume Lot” at $ 2,651 was intriguing as it had a piece worn by Christopher Lloyd as “Kruge” in ST III. Still, it is incomplete and so I think it went high.

The Dr. Bashir uniform went about right at $ 1,876. Being the jacket version, rather than the jumpsuit, it is a bit rarer.

The Enterprise T’Pol costume went at a reasonable $ 1,581. It was featured in “A Night in Sickbay” and any T’Pol uniform at this price level is a pretty good deal.

The Engineer’s White radiological suit went at a very reasonable $ 1,325. There have been a lot of these, so the prices have been dropping. Now, since IAW found all the boots for the White and Orange Radiation Suits, these will all be somewhat complete.

The Voyager Vorik costume went for a very reasonable $ 1,103. I think it is a good deal when you can get a named character costume at this level. Vorik wasn’t in a ton of episodes of Voyager, but enough to be memorable.

The feature film “Crewman’s Starfleet uniform” went about right at $ 932. This one had sneakers with a Starfleet logo which were interesting, but no one is quite sure if these were actually used. Seems crewman had typical Starfleet boots.

The Chakotay Away Team Mission Uniform at $ 908 was a good deal as this even had boots and rank pip. It’s a really good looking costume and I am sure it will look great on display because of the materials used.

The Romulan Blue Senator’s Robes at $ 860 was a bit strong, but these are costumes you have to see to appreciate. I highly recommend them as I have a set and they look beautiful on display.

As far as props go:

The Enterprise NX Beta Flight Control Center Wall Panel went for a reasonable $ 1,895 for a very cool, and rather large panel. I love this as it has a few silhouettes of the NX Prototype from “First Flight” and will make an impressive wall display. It went to a new buyer as well.

The Federation Alliance LCARS panel went for $ 1,325 and was very cool. These pieces look great when displayed as part of a collection of props and costumes. I almost bid on this one, but am trying to save my money for really outstanding pieces lately.

At $ 1,026 the Vulcan Stones & Container from “The Andorian Incident” appealed to those Vulcan collectors and was won by my buddy Jordino, who has a very big Vulcan collection.

The Vulcan Lirpa Prop Weapon at $ 942 is about where these always go. I really want one of these, as it has to be the most recognizable alien weapon because of “Amok Time”.

The DS9 Small Cloaking Device at $ 877 was a great deal. A pretty cool prop, the reason this is such a great deal is that this is really well made with lots of metal.


Best Costume of the Week: The Sub-Commander T’Pol costume at $ 4,206.

Best Prop of the Week: The Enterprise NX Beta Flight Control Center Wall Panel at $ 1,895 was very cool and will look awesome hung on someone’s wall.

Best Buy of the week: The DS9 Small Cloaking Device at $ 877 was a steal!

Worst Buy of the week: No bad deals this week!

Sleeper of the Week: 22nd Century Electrical Prod at $ 204 was a great deal on a Klingon weapon!


Star Trek: Enterprise Sub-Commander T’Pol costume at $ 4,206

Star Trek:
DS9/Feature Film “Klingon Costume Lot” at $ 2,651

Star Trek: Enterprise NX Beta Flight Control Center Wall Panel at $ 1,895

Star Trek:
DS9 Dr. Bashir uniform at $ 1,876

Star Trek: Enterprise T’Pol costume at $ 1,581

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