Week 9

The lack of really great items in week 9 of It’s a Wrap Star Trek auctions on eBay this past week is shown in the fact that the week’s total was only $ 45,155.99, down from last week’s total of $70,503.19. Most collectors agreed it was a poor week, and some have speculated that It’s a Wrap is saving e bunch of good items to list the week after this week’s Star Trek special on the History Channel, which is supposed to mention the IAW auctions on eBay.

The 7 of 9 costume was the best item of the week. It went for a very reasonable $3,605, far less than the $5,032.99 a month ago when it failed to hit reserve. Just another example of why reserves are a bad idea in general. The costume didn’t have the corset that goes underneath, but that is probably because there are less of those than the actual costumes. The hardest part of these costumes

The Nemesis Phaser Rifle brought $2,370. It was a nice example of this weapon and went for a decent price. The winner got a good deal there on a hallmark item. I think this will also help IAW realize that the prices on their web site for hero weapons are a bit out of line.

The Grand Nagus Zek costume lot brought in $1,700, which is high for a guest costume. I think that the Zek and Quark costumes were some of the most elaborate and well designed costumes of any series and they will display very well. Plus, Zek is one of those lovable recurring characters and was played to perfection by Wallace Shawn of “Princess Bride” fame. Remember though that there are multiples of these characters and so be patient!

The Star Trek III Security Uniform was well worth the $1,625 it brought. One of only two that probably exist, it was a nice example of a rare movie costume and came with a hat, which you never see Starfleet in! This gets my vote for Best Buy of the week.

The Romulan Senate Stools brought in $1,125. They are pretty cool and went for considerably less than the roughly $ 800 a piece they went for at Christie’s. The buyer did have to pick them up though and I am sure that depressed the price.

This week’s awards:

Best Item of the Week: 7 of 9 costume. A good price on a prized costume.

Best Buy of the week: The Star Trek III Security Uniform at $1,625 is hard to beat. Very rare and a beautiful piece.

Worst Buy of the week: Engineering Junction Console. There are a ton of these, they are undistinguished and will not hold their value.

Sleeper of the Week: Insurrection Son’a Shotgun Weapon. A Star Trek gun prop for less than $ 400? Well done!

And here are some prices realized:


Star Trek Voyager 7 of 9 costume $3,605

Star Trek Nemesis Phaser Rifle $2,370

DS9 “Zek” costume lot $1,700

Star Trek III Security Costume $1,625

Star Trek: Nemesis Romulan Senate Stools $1,125

Special thanks to Aaron Carlson, who every week, compiles all the stats on that week’s auctions.

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