Well, the Propworx crew is heading to Vegas Sunday to get all the museum assets of the Star Trek Experience.  They have been in storage there since the event closed.  One of the items we will not be keeping in the CBS Star Trek archive is the Klingon Throne.  There are already two on the Star Trek Exhibit and this one is not screen used.  We believe it was made by production specifically for the museum, like many other items.
If you are interested, please let me know at alec@propworx.com.
Of course, by now you have spotted the Sword of Kahless.  When I saw this photo I sent John Van Citters, the head of licensing for Star Trek at CBS this email:
Sword of Kahless!   HOLY CRAP!!!!
His reply was:

BTW, the Sword of Kahless better not fall off the truck anywhereโ€ฆ  ๐Ÿ™‚


3 Replies to “Klingon Throne for Sale”

  1. The sword of kahless displayed at STTE was a replica. This is stated is the "24th Century Weapons" special feature on the Generations special edition dvd, in the context of the original sword having non-Klingon writing on it so the replica replaced the text with Klingon. So it's not even an exact replica nor made for production. I would still consider it a cool piece none-the-less due to it's status at STTE, but definitely not worth nearly as much as the original SoK





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