I have posted another set of items by my friend who worked on the set of both Star Trek: Voyager and Enterprise. He was given a number of items over the years by the staff and by the construction crews and wants to sell some of them on eBay. I offered to help him out (I am not making any money on this), so I have listed 7 of them on eBay now and you can bid on them here.

Here is a brief synopsis of them:

Star Trek Enterprise DANGER RADIATION HAZARD prop decal

“DANGER TYPE 2 RADIATION HAZARD” Decal 2 ½ inches H x 6 ½ inches L.

Star Trek Enterprise EMERGENCY USE ONLY prop decal

“EMERGENCY USE ONLY” Decal 2 ½ inches H by 6 ½ inches L.

Star Trek Enterprise genuine ship prop Logo Decal w/ COA

ENTERPRISE SHIP Logo Decals 2 inches High. Production made, but unused.

Star Trek Enterprise COLUMBIA NX-02 Ship Logo Decal

COLUMBIA NX-02 Ship Logo Decal. 3 inches High. (Note, auction incorrectly says NX-01)


HARDBACK SIGN. “Mission Operations Division” SRT used in the ENTERPRISE episodes “Demons & Terra Prime”. Signage in STAR FLEET MEETING HALL. 4 inches High x 10 inches Long


FLOOR PLATE Sign set used on the USS DEFIANT. ENTERPRISE episode “Through a Mirror Darkly” 2 inches H x 10 inches L. Used in the corridor where Archer kills the Gorn.

Star Trek Enterprise THERMIONIC TRANSFER prop decal

“THERMIONIC TRANSFER” Decal. 2 ½ H inches x 6 ½ inches L.

Star Trek Enterprise TURBOLIFT ACCESS TO ALL DECKS prop sign

TURBOLIFT ACCESS TO ALL DECKS Decal 2 ½ inches H x 6 ½ inches long.

All props come with a COA from the crew member with photos of him on the set with cast members.

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