Martin from Germany provided me with these photos of last weekend’s Creation Star Trek Convention in Burbank!

This is the It’s a Wrap Booth with Willie Bath from the UK, talking to Colin from IAW (who was wearing a Cardassian soldier costume). On the table you can see the two Klingon masks, a Romulan Disruptor Rifle, a Reman Rifle and a Phaser Rifle.

Dennis and Alicia in Enterprise Uniforms with Colin wearing an Archer stunt Desert uniform.

Willie Bath opening up the Enterprise Sensor Package he won from It’;s a Wrap (He outbid me on that one!)

Hope you enjoy them!


3 Replies to “More Photos From Last Weekend”

  1. You’ve got to love the sunglasses on the Klingon mask (though a future buyer might be a bit perturbed) and the Xindi Reptilian using a cellphone. Alec, what are the four costumes up high in the back?

    Apollo 13

  2. Next Gen jumpsuit, Vulcan Captain (Enterprise), ST: TMP costume, First Contact style Jumpsuit with Chief Petty Officer undershirt.

  3. Now I feel dumb for not going to the Grand Slam – would have loved to have spoken to the IAW folks!
    Did they say how much Trek stuff they have or is it still coming to them? I am so grateful CBS/Paramount decided to do this – items in the Christie sale went for high amounts because alot folks thought this would be the only chance to get them. Anyway – keep up the good work on your blog – it has changed the way I bid and watch Ebay.

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