Well, I worked from home today so I could be here to get my two packages coming from It’s a Wrap that contained my purchases from the Burbank Star Trek convention. I bought a new camera last week to replace the one I left on the plane coming back from that convention. So I figured I would break it out, read the instructions and try it out.

Around 5:00 Fed Ex came by. Just a note, I always offer delivery men a bottle of water, as they work hard and always look thirsty. Not only is it good to always be nice to other people, but with all the shipments I get, they get to know me a bit, so it is good to make a positive impression.

So in Burbank I bought:

Nemesis Resin Phaser Rifle
Nemesis Reman costume
Nemesis Romulan Officer Costume
Nemesis Romulan Senator Costume
Wooden Bat ‘Leth

It was all packed in two boxes, with the Phaser Rifle and Bat ‘Leth in one box and the costumes in another. As always, the items were very well packed, with individual pieces wrapped separately and then everything packed in packing peanuts (which I now have enough of for the next 10 years!).

I first took out the Phaser Rifle and the Bat ‘Leth. The Phaser Rifle is something I have wanted for some time. I prefer the Insurrection style, but this one is pretty sharp. There were several modifications made for Nemesis, including a new scope and foil appliqués to give these versions a brighter appearance.

The Bat ‘Leth is wooden, which is rare. Almost all were made of rubber, a few were made of metal for close ups. This one had grooves cut in one side for a break away effect it seems.

I have wanted a Reman since I first saw one on display in the It’s a
Wrap Burbank store. They are stunning and when my buddy Dana got one and showed me photos, I was even more sure I wanted one.

The Romulan Officer wasn’t one I was after until I saw it in person. I wanted a hero Officer costume, like the Donatra one sold at Christie’s, but wasn’t sure if the one’s from IAW were the same. When I saw it at Burbank it took me about 5 seconds to buy it. It came with the great belt accessory and a Romulan pin. At $ 600 it is the best deal I have gotten so far and already one of my favorite costumes. The key to this costume is the fabric, which the costume designer actually talks about on the Nemesis DVD. It has this tile like pattern with each tile a different color and then look amazing.

The same for the Romulan Senator robes. Now, there were all different ones, and some fabrics are nicer than others. I would love one the the blue/purple ones, but the ones I got I was sold on as one of the girls from IAW was wearing it on Saturday and it was just beautiful. The robes are much like a Japanese kimono, with three layers, a dickie with a Mandarin collar, a main robe, and then an over robe. It also has a Romulan pin as well. These have been going around $ 500 on eBay and I can tell you these are a great deal. They are truly beautiful costumes.

So now I have a Romulan/Reman theme to add to my collection and these are certainly the three most stunning costumes in my collection. I am pretty happy with these purchases and I wouldnt have made them all if I hadn’t seen them in Burbank. So save up for Vegas!

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  1. Couple of cool items in that group. The Reman costumes have some of the best colors of any made. I have a Reman rifle and pistol I picked up at Chrisites, they are my favorite weapon because of design and colors used. The Bat Leth is definately high on the coolness meter and something I would like to have. Looks like you are out of space is display costumes in that room. Where ya’ gonna put these?

  2. To accomdate these costumes I will be building the “Romulan Wing” as an addition….

    Yeah, I keep dreaming. Where will I put these? Well, that is a good question. I haven’t given it a lot of thought. I am redoing my basement, and changing it from a game room to more of a media room, and they will most likely go there. I have a breakfast nook I never use, and so they are there now, and this might wind up being the prop room. I am going to buy some display cases at Ikea and put them in there, so that is a likely venue. I need a new house…..

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