Many of you know Giles Aston, the Patrick Stewart look-alike who is a huge Star Trek fan. Well he and I have struck up a great friendship over the Internet discussing props, costumes and the IAW auctions. We actually met at Christie’s and starting chatting via email a few months ago after he checked out my blog. So when I flew into London for a party a girlfriend of mine was throwing, it only made sense to visit Giles at his home. He and his girlfriend Alex even joined me at the party and we had a great time (I also remained sober and avoided puking over any park benches!).

Friday night I went to Giles home and he shared his collection with me. He also just got a package from IAW and he opened it up while I was there! Here are some photos….

Giles sitting next to his Picard as Robin Hood costume from Christie’s

This is a casual costume for Shinzon in Star Trek: Nemesis that was never used

Giles unpacking the latest box from IAW

The latest arrival! Picard’s Romulan Robes from “Unification”. A true gem!

Then on Sunday, Giles picked me up in his vintage 1935 Frazer-Nash BMW. It is a beautiful classic car and we drove all around London, Giles driving like a maniac in and out of traffic. I have NEVER seen a car get so many looks as every passer by seemed to want a photo or give a thumbs up to Giles for having such a great car. It was amazing. I have a 2001 Lotus Esprit, and I NEVER get that much attention when I drive my baby around Atlanta. The English people, even little kids, just LOVE this car.

Giles arrives at my hotel to pick me up for a day of touring London

Driving through Piccadily Circus

St. Paul’s Cathedral

And some big clock

Well, thanks to Giles and Alex for being great hosts/Tour Guides/party buddies. I had a great time in London the past three days. Monday I am off to Luxembourg on business and then back to the USA Tuesday.


2 Replies to “My trip to London and meeting Giles Aston”

  1. Great Great pictures! When driving his ’35 Frazer-Nash BMW I wonder if Giles has used the expression, “Engage!” One classic automobile! AND he “drives” it…DAILY! Always nice to see someone driving and sharing his passion for classic automobiles.

    Welcome back Alec.

  2. Well, he used “Engage!” all the time! 🙂

    Thanks for the weclome back, but I leave in the AM, so will be back Tuesday noon!


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