4 months ago I set up a direct sales deal with Colin for an EVA Phaser Rifle, a Type 3, Mark 3 Phaser Rifle, and a Phaser Power Cell. All for $ 7,400, not a small amount. For two months I waited for them to send me an invoice. I even discussed it with Dom at Vegas. Since they couldn’t even send me a simple invoice, on September 14th I went ahead and paid them by PayPal (detailing the transaction).

Today I get an invoice and am told that they sold the Phaser Power Cell that was put aside for me! This was the SINGLE most important prop I wanted.

And now I get this stupid email from Dave:

“You need to work out details with Dom on any direct deals

Collin and others are not aware of what alreadys been sold in auction.”

Well Dom knew about the deal, and the items were sold AFTER I paid for them.

Just one more way I get screwed by IAW. I have canceled the rest of the order. I don’t need this stuff and I am so sick of this crap.


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