OK, I have a few items I have decided to part with as they don’t fit in my collection any more. Terms are flexible, so if you like something and need a few weeks to pay, no problem. Prices are what I paid for them. Shipping is additional.

Decker Jumpsuit from Star Trek: TMP. Won it at Christie’s. Western Costume costume labels read “Stephen Collins”. $ 1,900

This is an Alien PADD used in the Voyager episode “Nightingale”. Very cool with nice graphics and accents. Comes with IAW COA. $ 810

IAW description:

A PADD (Personal Access Display Device) featured in Star Trek episodic television. Made from molded black plastic this item is uniquely shaped and features a handle with metallic silver grip highlights and an elongated octagonal ‘display screen’ with a graphical application depicting a variety of multi-colored alien character letters. The item measures approx. 7.5 X 6.5 inches.

Starfleet Special Services Costume from Star Trek III/IV. Original belt. Comes with IAW COA. $ 1,325

IAW description:

A full length red jumpsuit with black sleeves and powder blue cuffs, neck, and accents, this uniform also features a powder blue colored ‘Earthbase’ personnel shoulder patch on the left arm depicting the ‘Sol system’. The waist features a pair of sewn in belt loops for the included black leather belt with metal ‘crewman’s’ style (silver) belt buckle featuring the logo of Starfleet, the back of the costume features a system of Velcro, zipper, snaps and clasps to seal it, and the accompanying costume tag reads ‘Special Services, Federation Security Council Corridor’.

email me at alecpeters@bellsouth.net if interested.

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