Jay Combs was the poster who noted the probable history of the James Doohan shirt in last week’s auction. As I noted in my last post, Jay posted a comment about the likely explanation of the origin of the Doohan shirt. He said:

“…if you look on page 104 of Grace Lee Whitney’s biography “The Longest Trek”, you will see a picture of one of James Doohan’s sons wearing a shirt that looks exactly like the one being auctioned in a candid photo taken during the Rec Deck scene from STTMP. Doohan and Whitney are posed with their respective sons, all three of whom are extras in uniform in that scene.”

And he just emailed me the photo from the Whitney book. Here it is:

And the photo of the shirt at auction:

Of course this isn’t definitive, but it looks like the best explanation. Thanks Jay!

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