Well, if you had a chance to see the History Channel Star Trek special it was well worth it. Sure, the first half was a lot of the same “why Star Trek has endured” stuff we have heard time and again. But the second half, when they really got into the auction, was truly fascinating. Here are my thoughts:

1) WOW! Did you see that warehouse? It was like something from the end of Indiana Jones! It was HUGE! I keep telling you there is a ton of stuff! 6 months of auctions from It’s a Warp? NO WAY. Think 18 months. That warehouse was enormous. Did you see how many costumes they had?

2) Thanks Mike and Denise Okuda! They were awesome. We were so lucky that they did the Christie’s auction. Their knowledge and passion made it the great event it was.

3) Yeah that was me in the yellow sweater. You see me a couple time congratulating my buddies. One when Andy wins the Reliant (good shot of my back) and another later as I am shaking Bill’s hand (for winning the Kirk costume). My British buddies Andy, Bill, Stephen and Adrian all got great air time. They deserve it too. Congrats mates!

4) Where were Scott Bakula and William Shatner? Why no interviews with them? I especially wanted to see Bakula as he never seems to give interviews.

5) They are supposedly releasing this on DVD. Make sure you pick up a copy. It is very well done and the history of the Christie’s Auction is something worth seeing a few times.

Check out the schedule and TiVo this for sure!


3 Replies to “The Star Trek History Channel Special”

  1. According to this article in the Washington Post

    Scott and Bill Shatner “had scheduling conflicts”

    Scott recently did a movie which was shot in Canada, so that could have been it…

    Scott fan

  2. I will pick up the DVD, if for no other reason than to freeze frame and zoom during those warehouse walk-thrus so see what else they had stashed away in there. If they really wanted to sell me a DVD, they’d include a program nothing but the warehouse – lol

  3. Only thing I remember seeing scott in was when one of the “E” type entertainment shows toured the Enterprise sets when the show was new.

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