I play paintball with Atlanta’s best military scenario paintball team, Team Omega, and this past weekend my team and I travelled to the Army MOUT (Military Operations on Urban Terrain) training facility in Starke, Florida. 1200 paintballers took over this facility and we spent 24 hours hurling paintballs at each other in a replica of a small town. It was an absolute blast and I am exhausted, but it was the best paintball event we ever went to. (And our team won).

Of course you would think I was as far away from Star Trek as possible, but of course, Star Trek is omnipresent it seems. David, the buddy of the team next to us who cooked for both teams all weekend, had his 13 week old Black Lab puppy with him, and it was adorable. Just as cute and sweet as can be. Well, turns out the puppy was named Sisko after my favorite Starfleet Captain. We all chuckled at that, as I was getting ribbed all weekend about my love for Star Trek after a few of the team members saw my Star Trek costume and prop collection. When they heard the dog was named after the captain, they rolled their eyes. :-).

Star Trek is everywhere!

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