Well I got another email from Louise Stange-Wahl, who goes by “Weezie”. Weezie is a former actress who was on the set of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and has been looking for her uniform from that movie. As noted in my last post, it was a white sciences Class “D”, size 8. But sadly, there has only been one example that has surfaced, and that was at Christie’s. As noted on the forum, because many of these jumpsuits were converted to crewman uniforms for Star Trek II, it is quite possible that the white ones were the first to be used because they could be dyed easily.

Anyway, Weezie, has sent another photo and here it is!


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  1. I've been emailing back and forth with Louise. In the 70s she worked closely with Leonard Nimoy, as a personal assistant.

    Her costume was discussed in articles by Bjo Trimble ("On the Good Ship Enterprise") and Dennis Fischer ("Enterprise Incidents"), and was one of four white uniforms made for four rather petite female extras: Bjo Trimble, Susan Sackett, Louise and a ST Office secretary named Michelle, who threatened to misfile everything if she didn't make the cut as an extra. (All four were under the announced height requirements for the casting call.)

    My article is here.

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