Borg Mannequin from Star Trek: The Experience on eBay

On our recent trip to Las Vegas to get the assets of Star Trek: The Experience, we wound up with some amazing Borg Mannequins that were made by Paramount for Star Trek: The Experience.  All of the assets were brought back to the Propworx warehouse and then sorted and cataloged by Jarrod.  Some of the assets are up for sale in our upcoming Propworx Star Trek auction.  One of these Borg mannequins we put up for sale this week on eBay.  

And what is really cool about these Mannequins is the face.  Look familiar?  It appears to be Robin Williams!  Our speculation here is that Paramount used the face mold for Robin Williams from Bicentennial Man to make these Borg.
This particular mannequin needs a little attention, but is overall in good shape and would make an amazing display.  Sorry, no regeneration modules left!
You can bid on the auction on eBay here.

Note we changed the listing, so this is the new link.

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