Searching for Soval

Some of you know that I have been producing a Star Trek movie called “Axanar”.  If you are on Facebook, you can find our page here: Well, Gary Graham will be reprising his role of Ambassador Soval in Axanar, and […]

The Kolinahr Museum Launches

Jordino Delos Santos is maybe the biggest collector of Vulcan screen used props & costumes from Star Trek.  Ever since the It’s A Wrap auctions in 2006-8, Jordino has been collecting, cataloging and preserving Vulcan costumes. Now he has finally […]

Wah Chang and the Vulcan Lyre

Another great article by Scott Lukas WilliamsWah Chang is one of the great unsung heroes of Star Trek. Born in 1917, Chang showed an immense capacity for creative thinking and problem solving from a young age. By the time he […]