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Well, it has been 3 weeks since my last post. Part of the reason for that is getting ready for the Stargate auction, which happened at the Sci Fi Museum this past weekend. Part of the delay is simply the cycles one goes through in what one has passion for and what one does not. Oh, I am not losing any interest in Star Trek. Quite the contrary, with everything else I do I find that Star Trek is a constant that I always come back to, like coming home after being on vacation. Sure the vacation was great, but it is so good to sleep in your own bed!

Collecting Star Trek props & costumes is my first love in this hobby. But I also love Battlestar Galactica for obvious reasons (besides how awesome it is!). I just shipped off most of the best pieces in my BSG collection to the Sci Fi museum for their BSG exhibit next month, and while I was in Seattle at the museum, Brooks Peck and Jacob McMurray, the two amazing curators of the museum, showed me where the new exhibit will be. It is exciting to have a museum like the EMP/SFM (the long technical name for the combination Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum) take my items and display them for everyone to see.

As many of you know, I love sharing my collection and the hobby. And I have an awesome BSG collection. Yeah, I am that drug dealer that uses his own stuff! But heck, I love BSG and it has been so cool to stare out from my desk at Propworx and see Adama’s Duty Blues, Starbuck’s Flight Suit and Apollo’s Dress Greys every day. But Star Trek is my first love. And we all know how that goes.

So while I may be engaged with other projects, and sometimes I don’t get to update this blog as much as I want, I can tell you Star Trek is still the focus of what I do. So here is what is on my plate Star Trek wise:

1) Star Trek Auction # 2

Yes, another Star Trek auction this Spring! Yes, so many of you were happy with the Star Trek auction this past August that consignors are coming out of the wood work. And after my move to CA, I find that I have about 30 items I want to sell too.

2) A Star Trek Prop & Costume book project.

Just starting on this, but there are so many great props that I think need the full Propworx treatment. So I am starting to work on this and need some of you to jump in and help out. I am thinking in depth stories on select pieces as well as a big overview.

3) Star Trek Prints

Well, with working with Doug Drexler on the Star Trek auction catalog, it made me realize there were so many great images that Doug had that would make great prints. So I am working with CBS on a license and hope to have a series of beautiful Star Trek prints based on Doug’s work, next year.

4) Star Trek Prop Replicas

Well, not your typical Phaser/Communicator/Tricorder stuff. QMX handles the new movie stuff very well and EFX does the classic stuff. They are both awesome companies that do great work. Our goal is to do limited editions of some more obscure props, like the Zefram Cochrane statue from Enterprise, the statue of Surak, the bust of Kahless from Worf’s quarters. Yeah, really cool stuff in editions of 50-100 max. We have approached EFX about working with them on this, so stay tuned.

5) Super Secret Star Trek Project

I can tell you, but I would have to disintegrate you….

OK, so don’t think I am losing interest here! Heck, I spent a small fortune this past summer on Star Trek, so I certainly have no lost any interest! I will dive into some more prop stuff as my photographer will be photographing my entire collection in detail over the next month or so and that will give me the ammo to blog a lot.

Oh, and here is a teaser for you…..

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