Well, another significant costume from the Christie’s Star Trek auction is up for sale on eBay. And it appears the seller just took it to the local eBay store (those places that will sell your item on eBay for a %) which is a VERY bad idea. However, seller was smart enough to have saved the original invoice as well as providing good pics and a copy of the item in the Christie’s catalog. None the less, here is some free advertising for that seller!
Own an awesome piece of Star Trek history – the original B’Elanna’s Borg Costume.  Two-piece costume with jumpsuit and jacket made from cast latex painted as biochemical hardware and a pair of Borg boots with label inscribed “Roxann Dawson”.  Designed by Robert Blackman and worn by Roxann Dawson as B’Elanna Torres in Borg from in “Unimatrix” in Star Trek: Voyager.  It is in good condition, but not perfect.  It has some wear, minor missing pieces of rubber and paint loss.  We had to carefully pry the costume apart as it has been in storage since it was shipped from Christie’s in 2006 and some of the rubber was “stuck” together.  However, we were able to separate it without causing any real damage.

Note that the costume closed at $ 1,875

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