Details on the Khan costume piece in Profiles Auction

So I found out who consigned the Khan piece and it is a legitimate collector who is a Propworx customer and a very nice guy.  The costume was originally part of the Bob Justman collection.  Why Profiles didn’t state this, since this was their auction, is beyond me.

Here is what the collector said to clear up any confusion over the piece:

“I bought the piece in the first big Profiles Star Trek auction all those years ago.

I bought it along with Khans tunic, Khans glove, Khans necklace, Khan’s wrist comunicator, and various wires and other jewelry.

All of the costume pieces had labels saying Montalban/khan etc.  The helmet has no label, never did.

All the pieces came out together and were verified by various star trek experts.

In addition, if you watch the movie, it is clear there was only one helmet– in the botany bay, all the other helmets are already off, and gone from the scene.

In the exterior sand storm shot, there is only one helmet that looks like this– most don’t have metal and have different shapes.

After the bloated budget of the first ST movie, Khan was made on a shoe string budget, and all the making ofs describe how few version of the costumes and props there were.  Very few hero anything. 

Additionally, looking at close up photos and screen grabs, the mesh work is very elaborate and the same– hard to duplicate. 

And there is a scratch on the metal under the screen right “eye” that screen matches up. 

The shoulder wrap I acquired separately years later from David Jackson (Backlot Props) — who despite its Paramount and Khan tags (which can be seen on the Profiles blog site) came in a pile of WB clothing.  Who knows why.  I just thought it would look great with the helmet which it does.

Tom Spina built the display.”

Thanks to the collector for providing this information.  One other note.  It is ALWAYS the responsibility of the seller to prove the authenticity of an item, not the potential buyer to prove it is not.  Profiles needs to provide information like this up front.  The burden of proof is on the seller.


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  • April 18, 2011 at 11:58 am

    I can confirm the BackLot Props/David Jackson connection as David showed me pix of the wrap and asked me to help ID it for him.


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