Dr. Chaotica Costume on ScreenUsed

Screen Used, one of the few prop companies I recommend, often has cool Star Trek items, though sadly, they are often overpriced as Screen Used is only acting as a broker and thus the price is at the mercy of the consignor. One such piece is a beautiful Dr. Chaotica costume from the Captain Proton episodes of Star Trek:Voyager.

The Dr. Chaotica costume has been on and off Screen Used for the past two years and is back again, at a substantially higher price…$ 4,499. This costume was on Screen Used last year for $ 2,700 and I passed on it then. Why this buyer thinks he can get $ 1,700 more in a saturated Star Trek market in a bad economy is beyond me. The costume was on Screenused for months at $ 2,700, which frankly was too high then. The seller here needs a reality check. This is a $ 2,000 costume max in this environment.

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of the whole Captain Proton episodes in Voyager. I own Satan’s Robot, the Delany sisters’ costumes (both Mailcia and Demonica) and the Lonzak costume which I recently acquired from Dana Hammontree. I would love the Dr. Chaotica, but at this price it is ridiculous. I might pay half that. None the less, it is a beauty.


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