The Harriman Maroon

Well, finally the Harriman Maroon has surfaced, but not quite in the condition I hoped.  This had long been my Maroon of choice (If I couldn’t land a Kirk).  But when it came to market, it was just Harriman’s jacket.  The pants were not his, and the shirt wasn’t even the right color.  I passed. 
Now, I don’t think the costume was overpriced at $ 6,500.  Heck, if it was all his, I think it is a $ 8,500 costume (at least I would have gone that high on a complete Harriman), besting the previous non-principle high of $ 7,600 for the Admiral Catrwright Maroon that IAW sold.
But the problem with a “Frankenstein” costume (as my good friend Adam Schneider would call it) is that you can never say it IS Harriman’s Maroon.  And that really bothers me.  If I have it on display, I would have to say “Well, the jacket is Harriman’s, but the pants and shirt aren’t.” every time I showed it off!  Oh that sucks.
Now, that is me.  I hope the new owner gets it and loves it and enjoys it.  He should, it is still a great piece.  It just didn’t do it for me, and it was really disappointing to see such a mismatched costume (not the fault of PSOL – I am sure this is the way it came).
I actually would rather have a complete background Maroon that just the Harriman jacket Maroon.  Is that weird?  Well, maybe.  Collecting Star Trek props and costumes is weird in general!  I mean we all have our quirks, and that is actually what makes this hobby kinda cool.  I mean, Anthony likes different things than Adam, than Dana than Donna and so we all support each other and love it when one another lands a great piece.
Well, just an insight inside the bizarre inner workings of my collecting mind.

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