A Tom Paris costume previously sold by Screen Used, is up for sale on eBay.  The seller initially had the costume on eBay with a very reasonable opening bid, but closed the auction early and has relisted it.  The seller is known to the Star Trek collecting community and a bit of a pain in the ass though not a crook. 

In the past one forum member has tried to negotiate with this seller for a costume he had on eBay and the seller was a bit rude (and this come form one of the nicest forum member) and refused to negotiate.  The buyer eventually waited the guy out and got the costume a few years later from him.

The seller’s prices are generally high for Star Trek costumes, as we see from a lot of buyers who think they can make a big mark-up on costumes when they go to sell.  Here, while the opening bid is closer to a reasonable sale price than an opening bid, he does have a “Make an Offer” button.
Now this costume is really interesting is that this costume comes with a screen used comm badge and pips, so I think the price is pretty good, but make an offer if you are interested.

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