Well, I am not sure I consider one auction a “return” to auctioning for IAW. But a 10 day auction of the well known “Alamo” model was put up on eBay by IAW last night. Obviously Martin didn’t want this item, as it is HUGE.

Sadly, and typically, IAW didn’t mention ANYTHING about the size or construction of this item. Seriously, this is why Colin was critical and unappreciated by IAW. Colin never would have let this auction go up with such a crappy and inadequate description.

How big is this item? I mean, what a basic piece of information and IAW can’t even tell us? How many miniatures are included? Is the Travis figure included? What is this made of?

Just plain sloppy.

From eBay:

A hand chased scale model of the famous 1836 Texas Alamo battle sight. A one of a kind production model fictitiously made on screen by Miles O’Brian in the episode “The Changing Face of Evil”.

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  1. Please come pick up this model on Lima St., in Burbank, just 3 houses north of Burbank Blvd. It will be picked up by Bulky Item Pick up in a couple of days. Free! Still in unopened LARGE crates. Need a pick up truck and a couple of strong guys.

  2. The model you speak of is sitting in front of a Lima Street house, just a few houses north of Burbank Blvd. in Burbank. The two crates it comes in will be taken away by bulky item pick up in a couple of days. You are welcome to come get it, if you’d like. You’ll need a pick up truck and a few strong people to lift it.

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