IAW Back at it again.

Well, this summer I got the disappointing news that Paramount had given It’s a Wrap more Star Trek items to sell. Despite all our complaints and protests, Paramount was basically clueless about the problems us Star Trek prop collectors had to put up with for 2 years. In fact, it was IAW’s problems that lead me to start Propworx. I simply refused to have to deal with IAW on Battlestar prop & costumes!

For those of you who don’t know, Paramount has the Star Trek movie rights and CBS the TV rights and all the merchandising rights. Interestingly CBS wasn’t crazy about IAW and had their own problems with them during the 2 years of IAW selling everything from Star Trek that wasn’t sold at Christies. But the new Star Trek movie props are property of Paramount.

What IAW got this time was basically set decoration and set pieces from various sets that weren’t going to be used anymore. Paramount had to get rid of it and so called IAW to haul it away. We saw many of these pieces at the Star Trek convention this past summer and I honestly didn’t see one item I would want. A lot of set decoration and background parts. IAW has a bunch, but why has it taken half a year to sell them? Certainly no longer having Colin hurts them. Colin was the Star Trek expert and the only one there that would return calls and emails promptly. (Colin moved back to Oklahoma and now has a baby!).

There are 5 items this week on eBay, but none that light my fire. You can see all the items here.

Shuttle Environmental Control Panel

Vulcan Timeship Wall Mount Set Dressing

Shuttle Hull Instrument Panel

Riverside Shipyards “Warp Trail” Bar Chair

It will be real interesting to see what these items sell for.

Goo hunting!


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