IAW Star Trek movie auctions bring low $

The first four It’s a Wrap Star Trek Movie auctions ended Monday with a whimper. I was actually shocked how low the prices were for the items. Now, I didn’t think any of it was particularly interesting, but none of the items went over $ 400. I could have seen most of these going around $ 500, but obviously collectors weren’t impressed.

Of course, IAW did no marketing in conjunction with these auctions. At least you would have thought they would have emailed everyone who has ever won an auction with them. This had a lot to do with the low prices realized I am sure.

There are two more item up this week. One is a sign from Starfleet Academy with the Starfleet Chevron, which is kind of cool. It was the only piece I saw that they had that was at all interesting to me.

You can see all the new items here.

Shuttle Environmental Control Panel $ 305.87

Vulcan Timeship Wall Mount Set Dressing $ 386

Shuttle Hull Instrument Panel $ 316

Riverside Shipyards “Warp Trail” Bar Chair $ 122.50

It will be real interesting to see what these items sell for.

Goo hunting!


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