Auctions beginning November 28th

I have decided to just go with Burt’s system of auction week numbering. Check out the Star Trek Auctions Archive for any information you need on the IAW auctions!

There were only 80 items this past week. Total sales were $ 33,028 and the average item was $ 413. 8 items topped $ 1,000.

The Costumes

The Klingon Military Uniform went extremely high at $ 4,628. This is the highest a standard Klingon costume has gone for and it went to an experienced collector who also has the General Chang and Chancellor Gorkon costumes, so it is in good company. It didn’t come with real boots either, so I think this is overpriced.

The White Radiological Suit went very high as well at $ 3,383. I got outbid on this and I couldn’t believe it. This went for over $ 1,000 higher than any other one has. Not a new bidder either, but he really wanted this! It was a nice one, but the price is much higher than any previous version. The usually go around $ 1,800.

The Captain Sisko Commando Uniform lot at $ 1,563 was a steal. It had 5 pieces and 3 were worn by Brooks. My good buddy Dana won this, to complete his Avery Brooks costume, and he is selling me the vest to complete mine. Thanks Dana!

The Props:

The Borg Alcove Mannequin went for a strong $ 2,105, which isn’t a bad deal. Pretty cool and will look great on display, at least for a while. It is made of foam, and these tend to disintegrate.

The functional Reman Rifle was also won by my buddy Dana at a reasonable $ 1,525. These are beautiful rifles from the last Star Trek movie, Nemesis. I have one, and am very happy with it.

The Teneebian Amethyst and Lock Box from the “These Are the Voyages…” was pretty cool. Forum member Donna won this, and she has been racking up the wins lately. At $ 1,325 I think it was fairly priced and a really nice item that will look great in a display case.


Best Costume of the Week: The White Radiological Suit at $ 3,383 was high, but still a beauty.
Best Prop of the Week: The Teneebian Amethyst and Lock Box from the “These Are the Voyages…” at $ 1,325 was different and cool.

Best Buy of the week:
The Captain Sisko Commando Uniform lot at $ 1,563 was a STEAL!

Worst Buy of the week: The Klingon Military Uniform at $ 4,628 was way too high for one without real boots.

Sleeper of the Week: The TNG Sciences Blue Starfleet Uniform Female Jumpsuit at $ 432 was an absolute steal!


Star Trek: Klingon Military Uniform at $ 4,628.

Star Trek: White Radiological Suit at $ 3,383.

Star Trek: First Contact Borg Alcove Mannequin at $ 2,105

Star Trek: DS9 Captain Sisko Commando Uniform lot at $ 1,563

Star Trek: Nemesis functional Reman Rifle at $ 1,525.


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