It’s a Wrap eBay auctions – Week 79 Results

73rd week of IAW auctions (auctions ending June 22nd)

While this is the 73rd week of auctions, It is titled Week 79 to be consistent with the Star Trek Auctions Archive.

So I am writing this blog entry in a Starbuck’s in Issaquah, WA (just outside Seattle). I spent some time with a good buddy here before heading to Vancouver this week. Why am I heading to Vancouver? Well as they say in Battlestar Galactica…All will be revealed! (Well, if you are a member of the Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Forum, you already know)

I am still looking for other collectors to write blog articles! Come on folks! We need more content!!

The awesome T’Pol Desert Uniform went for a reasonable $ 4,100. My good buddy Dana won this and I think he paid about right. After the early insane prices on T’Pol costumes, due in large part to the now disappeared “maharanidiva” and suspicious shill bidders, these costumes have come down to reasonable levels. This costume was in Vegas for $ 5,000 last summer and Dana had his eye on it. Glad to see patience saved him money!

The 24th Century Klingon Warrior costume at $ 2,335 was a bit incomplete I think, as the square shoulder piece had no edging. But IAW is running out of these and so my buddy Willie from the UK (World’s Greatest PADD Collector), got a decent deal on this, though sans boots. When you have one of these costumes on display, it really is the most impressive costume to behold. They are iconic and well made. They dominate any costume near them. Kind of like Klingons I guess!

The Odo costume from “Broken Link” was fascinating and went for a healthy $ 2,025. This costume reprsents when Odo has the disease affecting all Founders, implanted in him by Section 31. OK, I thought that was totally cool when you have been attacked and invaded by shapeshifters from another part of the galaxy. Don’t give me any sappy WMD rationalization you liberal peaceniks! This was war, a war the Federation didn’t start. You want a piece of us? Come and get it you sentient goo-creatures!

OK, sorry, I am calm now. So I thought the costume was very cool and I almost went for it, but I recently wone Solme Jens costume from teh final episode of DS9, so I thought I was done with DS9. Still, this costume really impressed me.

The Warlord’s wife’s costume from the Voyager episode “Muse” was really beautiful and went very high for a non-character costume at $ 1,653. A lot of us thought this costume was a beauty and I am not surprised at the price. If you take the time to look at all the photos (and you should) you will see the amazing detail and workmanship that went into this costume.

A Two Piece Command Red Starfleet Uniform went for a strong $ 1,635, showing that there is still a market for these at a high price. With every other background costume going well under $ 900, these continue to hover around $ 1,500. The reason? Well, they are closely associated with Picard, and everyone fancies themselves a Captain when they where a costume, so these are going to be in demand. Plus, they represent TNG and I think are almost iconic now.

The Surak-Father of Vulcan Logic costume went for a very cheap $ 1,525. I would have loved to have this, but knew forum member Jordino was a huge Vulcan fan. Missing for a few months, Jordino popped his head back up to snatch this awesome piece of Vulcan history at a bargain price. Pieces like this could easily go on the Star Trek Tour or a Star Trek museum.

The ISS Enterprise Terran Enterprise Starfleet Uniform Jumpsuit went for a very fair $ 1,185. With Terran Empire and Empire NX-01 patches, and attached black epaulets, these are really cool variants. I have an Avenger style in my collection and love it.

As far as props go:

The Borg Alcove went for $ 4,049, the week after being listed at a starting bid of $ 4,000 and not selling! Just shows you why you start the bidding out low and let the item find its natural price. Now I think this is worth the price, and if you have the room, very cool to display. They really make a centerpiece to any Star Trek home!

Captain Picard’s Ready Room Fossilized Ammonite went for a healthy $ 2,550. Correctly identified by Jorg the identification master, this was a mainstay of Picard’s ready room and so not surprising that it went so high.

Eline’s Probe Shaped Necklace from “The Inner Light” was a STEAL at $ 870 and went to forum member Philip Gordon. This is the closest thing you folk are ever getting to a damn flute, so I expected this to go at twice this price!!! I really thing this was an awesome buy.


Best Costume of the Week: Clearly the T’Pol Desert Uniform at $ 4,100 was the class of the week.

Best Prop of the Week: The Borg Alcove at $ 4,049 was just way cool.

Best Buy of the week: Eline’s Probe Shaped Necklace from “The Inner Light” was a STEAL at $ 870

Worst Buy of the week: None! Keep up the good work and bid wisely!

Sleeper of the Week: The Surak-Father of Vulcan Logic costume at $ 1,525 was an awesome deal!


Star Trek: Enterprise T’Pol Desert Uniform at $ 4,100.

Star Trek: Voyager Borg Alcove at$ 4,049,

Star Trek: TNG Captain Picard’s Ready Room Fossilized Ammonite at $ 2,550.

Star Trek: 24th Century Klingon Warrior costume at $ 2,335

Star Trek:DS9 Odo costume from “Broken Link” at $ 2,025.


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