Well, for the second year in a row, the Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Forum, the best resource for Star Trek prop collectors, made its presence felt at the Star Trek Las Vegas Convention this past week.

Starting with Katie and Steve’s wedding Wednesday, the Star Trek prop Forum members were everywhere from Quark’s bar, to the costume contest, to the now famous Prop & Costume Booth! We all made new friends, connected names to faces, drank too much, ate too much, and had a blast.

What separates The Star Trek prop, Costume & Auction Forum from any other forum on the Internet is not just the quality of people, but the way we all get together whenever we can to have fun and share our hobby! You are all the best!


The newlyweds!

What a fun wedding!

Susie and Francis

Francis, the Cowgers, the Williams

Giles, Baaron, Susie, Francis, Jim and his wife Susan

Francis and Cardassian Katie

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