The Enterprise “E” model that was sold at Christie’s for $ 100,000, is up for sale by Frank DeMartino, the winner. Frank won the model after the high bidder was found to be over his credit limit with Christie’s, much to Frank’s relief! Frank had been outbid on Picard’s Captain’s chair and was already figuring out what else to try and win when Christie’s called him and said the item was his.

Semi-retired, Frank feels the model deserves a better home, and although he already has a good offer on the model, he is hoping the Sci Fi museum may be interested, as he would like the model available for all fans to enjoy.

Here are some more photos:

3 Replies to “Original Enterprise “E” model on eBay”

  1. What a beautiful ship, the attention to detail is outstanding, if i had £100, 000 spare i would have bid myself, but unfortunatly saving for a liverpool football club season ticket is the priority for the moment.

    Still believe Voyager is the most beautiful ship in star fleet, but this is a close second.

  2. That's funny, to me the VOYAGER is the most God-awful-looking ship of the entire line–alien craft included. Just awful! But I agree that the ENTERPRISE 1701=E is indeed a thing of beauty.

  3. I would have to agree that Voyager is a great looking ship. But the Enterprise E Class is a great looking ship too. Both are a thing of beauty. If I lived in those times I would have loved to fly or even be on one of those.

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