Piece of the Past Star Trek auction photos

OK, here are photos of the items in this auction.

Cardassian Rifle Resin, broken ends, unglued emitter tip and handles.

Klingon Knife One piece rubber

Klingon Disruptor
Needs repair

Bajoran Pistol
Boomerang Phaser

Appears correct. Good holster Isolinear Chips



The following items need more inspection and research. Each presents potential red flags, but we really can’t say anything one way or another at this point.
Cobra Head Phaser

Will be taking mine to compare as this one is very light. Not convinced.


Authenticity is up in the air at the moment. Graphics seem wrong. We are working on this.

Klingon Knife

This is a United Cutlery Klingon replica.


Ok, this looks TOTALLY wrong. Photo they used isn’t even of the piece. Here is an actual photo. I have never seen one like this. Handle is NOT wrapped. Totally shiny and unlike anything I have ever seen.

Star Trek III Phaser

Obviously a cast off an original. Smaller, which means recast.

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