Profiles pulls both Kirk Maroons from auction

Profiles has pulled both of the Kirk costumes from their auction.  The two items, listed on iCollector here, are no longer listed.  One collector reported that he got an email from Profiles that the items were pulled.
It became apparent to just about everyone, that the “Admiral” Kirk was not accurate.  Clearly not from Star Trek IV as advertised, there were a number of problems with the Maroon, not the least of which was that it didn’t match the screen used ones, and it had the wrong interior flap color.
I was waiting on photos of the tags on the below “Captain” Kirk to see if it was real.  It may well have been from the same consignor, casting doubts on its accuracy as well.  While I have no doubts that these were production made costumes, the question is are they in fact Shatners.  With them being pulled we may not know until they resurface.

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