Khan Tunic at San Diego Comic Con and Prop Store items.

The second Khan costume in 4 months has hit the market and it is the iconic (A term very over-used by a certain person) version from which Ricardo Montalban showed off his very real pecs!   Certainly this is the most desirable villain costume from the Star Trek movies  and since Star trek II is one of the best science fiction movies of all time, the costume is the a legitimate Holy Grail for any Star Trek collector.
This is NOT the costume that was previously sold by Profiles in History at the Bob Justman Auction in 2002.  That costume sold for $ 25,000 or so (don’t have the exact # unfortunately), but also had boots, his necklace and the bandolier type piece that you see across his chest.  This costume, being sold 9 years later, has a price tag of $ 35,000.  
Now, the Khan “reveal” wrap and visor display that was sold at Profiles in April originally sold at the Bob Justman auction in 2002.  It sold then for $ 25,000 .  It sold for $ 32,500 at profiles in April, which was the opening bid and the bottom range of the estimate.  If someone has specifics on either of these, please let me know.
So is this Star Trek costume priced right?  I think so.  This is certainly more desirable than the visor/wrap.  And while this is not as complete as the one sold at the Bob Justman auction, it is still probably the most desirable non-TOS costume out there, with the exception of maybe Kirk’s ST II:TWOK Maroon.  And we know that went for $ 37,500 at Heritage last Fall. (But probably an aberration since I was the under-bidder and absolutely deluded to bid that much.  I blame my friend Jack for egging me on!).  If the more complete Khan from the Bob Justman auction were to hit the market, it would probably be a $ 40-50,000 costume.  So $ 35,000 for a less complete one would make sense.
It will be interesting to see if the Khan piece sells. The two other big pieces from the collection that Prop Store was consigned, The Finnegan costume and the Uhura uniform mini-dress, have both sold already in private sales. 
Good Hunting!

One thought on “Khan Tunic at San Diego Comic Con and Prop Store items.

  • August 7, 2011 at 3:07 pm

    Hi Alec
    Tony from Star Trek Uniform Guide…I'm not Savey in the blog as I just opened one to replace my site…Yahoo sucks…LOL…What details prove this is not a replica?…I'm finding some inaccuracies..Nothing major but some..Most obvious is the Trapunto on Khans left sleeve…It's awfully poofie for Trapunto..As a designer and tailor we know that if anything after all these years it would be next to flat..a few others but just curious how it was authenticated as original..It is understandable judging by the tunic itself it could have had pieces re-made for the original bodice..Which would deface the value…Still a beauty…I'm Not questioning the authenticity..this is why I ask..I'd like to own this if it's real and you know better than others



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