The Prop Store of London Star Trek sales.

The Prop Store of London has been releasing items all week from the big collection of Star Trek props and costumes it bought recently.  I should have been keeping track of prices as the items were listed, as PSOL hides the prices once the sale is made.  I hate that practice, as having a record of prices is so useful as so many of us know from using the Star Trek Auction Archive.  So I have compiled a list.  If you know the prices of any of the items not listed below, please let me know!
Also, PSOL has been posting items at 10am GMT and 10am PST.  That means those of us on the West Coast have to wake up at 2am in order to get a shot at the items, which basically sucks!  But the things we do for props and costumes. 
I will review a couple of the key pieces in coming blogs.  A bunch of people have commented on the fact that PSOL will post items that have already been sold.  Collectors would like to know they always have a shot at buying something.  But PSOL is well known for first offering key items to its best customers before posting them for the public.  And there is nothing wrong with this, but collectors feel cheated sometimes.  Collectors need to understand that a lot of times it is just better to set a price and sell it to a well off collector and not have to worry about if an item will sell online or at auction.  
There are more items coming Monday I am told, but I also hear that we have seen the best of the collection already.  So it will be interesting to see what comes our way!

ST II: TWOK Tunic $ 35,000

Captain Kirk Class A $ 24,995

Captain Harriman Maroon $ 6,495

Romulan Warbird Khazara Translight $ 745

Voyager Vidian Model $ 12,459

DS9 Pistol $ 699

TOS Cadet Costume $

AzetBur Klingon Costume $ 7,995

DS9 Blue Jumpsuit $ 1,245

TOS Radiation Suit $ 8,995

TNG Data Tunic top $ 3,750

Generations Mark VI Torpedo $ 1,995

First Contact EVA Rifle $ 5,659 Hero

Yesterday’s Enterprise Phaser $ 2,745

Star Trek VI Klingon Mask $ 1,495

TMP Male Engineer Uniform $ 1,245

ST III Vulcan Robe $ 995

Star Trek First Contact Phaser Rifle $ 2,499

Star Trek IV Spock headband $

Star Trek VI Klingon Mask $ 995

Enterprise Soval’s ears $ 745

TNG Dustbuster Phaser $ 3,995

Star Trek VI Rura Penthe Mask $ 1,295

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