Battlestar Galactica Auction Catalog Available

Well, it isn’t Star Trek, but close. Heck, I will tell you that DS9 is my favorite Sci Fi TV show, but I will also tell you that Battlestar Galactica is the best Sci Fi ever on TV. It really is amazing as just about every critic in the country has found out.

As you know, I am the guy Universal chose to handle the Battlestar Galactica Auctions.My new company Propworx, is hosting the auction January 16-18th at the Pasadena Convention Center here in sunny Southern California. And we were fortunate to work with Star Trek Forum member Josef Philip from Austria, who did all the photography and layout. The result of everyone’s work is impressive and at 320 pages, one of the best auction catalogs you have ever seen.

You can order it by going here. A measly $ 35 and it is yours!

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