Well, it seems I need to put up an FAQ as I got bombarded with emails. So here is the skinny:

1) The Propworx Star Trek auction is tentatively scheduled for June 18-20 at the Pasadena Convention Center. We have a lot of deadlines, and the Star Trek Experience assets may force us to push this back. Stay tuned here.

2) The auction will be live, but as with the Battlestar Auctions, will have an Internet component so anyone anywhere can bid. There will be a preview day with panels of Star Trek artists, prop makers, costumes designers and more!

3) There will be a paper catalog, which will be in our new hardcover format. It will blow you away!

4) There are items from TOS, the movies, TNG, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise.

5) We are taking consignments for the auction. So if you have an item you are interested in submitting, please contact me at alec@propworx.com.

6) Please don’t send me any questions on the Star Trek Experience assets yet. We are still working through details. And the warehouse sale date is currently TBD. Just follow this blog for updates.


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